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Me, the BIG JERK!
2002-04-10 - 8:32 a.m.

I met a friend that I know, if givin enough time, I could call one of my best... the only problem is that she and her husband are moving to Arizona in two weeks.


It is a wife of one of Dave's old friends from highschool. Her name is Amber and she is a cute, tiny, bubbly, redhead. We are both the oldest of 6 and we get along swimmingly.

I wonder why we didn't hang out with them sooner?

I am just one of those people who really needs female companionship

Anyway's, this new found friendship may require a trip down to Arizona this summer.

That makes it the fourth place we are supposed to go to.

We all went to a BYU woodwind recital so that Dave, Dallas and Amber could fill one of their music requirements. I usually enjoy classical music but to tell the truth, I was kind of bored last night. All of the pieces seemed to be all over the page with not much in the way of melody- and that bores me.

We left after the second last piece and headed to Applebees for some much needed conversation and dessert of course.

It was a fun evening. Dave and I then came home and I helped his polish his research paper and then it was to bed where I had fitful dreams about someone I thought I would never have fitful dreams about. It kind of disturbed me and I woke up not able to get back to sleep.

Ooohhh, I almost forgot, yesterday while Dave and I were having perogies for dinner (yummmmmm) there was a knock at the door and it was the man from downstairs standing there with a penitant look on his face. There was a girl of maybe 20-25 beside him... he apologized for the music being so loud in the morning (errr... I guess he heard me stomping at 6:30 in the morning) and explained that it was his clock radio and that he would turn it down. He had the look on his face of a punished puppy dog, with this blue sad looking eyes and I immediately regretted my temper because I now understood that he was a lot more severly mentally handicapped then I had originally thought (think 40 year old with the mind of a 6 year old), and probably just didn't know better. I assumed the girl beside him was probably a supervisor of some kind.

This took me quite by surprise and I din't really know what to say, it was quite awkward. I told him that it was okay and I was just letting him know that we could hear it (LAME!), and that it was no big deal but we appreciate him coming up.

I tried to smile one of my biggest, friendliest smiles before I shut the door.

UGGGGGG... I feel like such a jerk. As soon as I shut the door I realized that I should have apologized for stomping on the floor like a maniac. I should have gone downstairs and politely asked him to turn it down. Next time I see him I will have to tell him I was sorry.

And I need to learn to keep my morning temper in check.

I am SUCH a jerk, I can't emphasize that enough...

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