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The "teapot" constellation
2002-04-11 - 8:31 a.m.

My oh my, I am about 100 shy of the 1000 mark on my counter. Who knew people were so very bored???

Last night I broiled steak for dinner. So I get it all ready, get a broiler pan and stick it in...

I watched the oven but nothing seemed to be happening. Mind you it is a gas oven and so I had my doubts that it could broil anyway but there was a knob for it...

I watch and wait... the oven definitely seems to be getting a lot hotter, but not where it should be.

It just wasn't working. Then I remembered seeing a broiler-looking-thingy in the bottom drawer-thingy of the oven so I pull it out and see flame... VOILA! A BUILT IN BROILER!

How ingenious. Yes I felt like an idiot. Was I actually thinking that the GAS oven was going to burst into flames and magically broil my steaks?

But this is cool... i have never seen a broiler on the bottom before... I have a feeling that Dave and I are going to be eating a lot more broiled entrees. If you have a gas stove, you probably have one too!

After dinner we went to UVSC because Dave had a astronomy demontsration in the planetarium and I went along for the fun of it.

The classroom was packed and so I got stuck on a hard metal chair that did NOT swivel back. Needless to say, my neck was a little sore by the end of the show.

It was pretty cool though, trying to pick out those shapes in the constellations. All I can say is that astronomers of old had very vivid imaginations.

I couldn't help but laugh at the modern day comparisons...

i.e. "This constellation is supposed to be shaped like a huge bird attacking a dragon riding who is weilding a giant amber sword which is piercing the bird (points) here... modern day astronomers think it looks more like a teapot."

Then we all got to trek outside into the cold and look at saturn through the telescope... that was COOL.

I woke up late this morning... I have been having super messed up dreams the past few days. It has been messing with my sleep patterns and I am just tired. You can look at me and SEE that I am tired. If the pasty complexion doesn't give it away the big purple circles under my eyes surely will, along with the fact that my hair isn't done because there is no way that I want to wake up a half hour earlier to actually DO it.

I ordered some cropped pants from the GAP yesterday... Dave will kill me but I really need some summer bottoms... If anyone knows of a brand of capri pants that actually look cute on, and won't make me look like a poor giant, please let me know in my guestbook. I am not a shorts person.

Good day all!


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