Gingerly Lizzy

2002-04-12 - 8:43 a.m.

Last night Dave and I went to the Temple... it always manages to have such a soothing, relaxing effect on me and it is so beautiful...

Tonight we are having Amber/Dallas and Sean/Rachel over for dinner. I am making my famous ranch chicken, rolls, mashed potatoes and butter tarts for dessert. It will be a new thing for them since they don't even sell those here!

That means I am also going to be super busy for awhile as soon as I get home from work.

My sis KATIE had her big date last night... I guess it went pretty well too... and that is good because she needed it.

No really big plans for this weekend, just to relax, sleep in, get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather, be crafty and enjoy my beautiful husband.

I decided that every day I am going to post some "Canadian" vocabulary or "isms" in honor of my Canadianess... and also because they are funny and I didn't realize how many things were exclusive to Canada so enjoy!

(Oh and for all you American friends of mine, including my husband, yes I love the USA too... Just not as much as Canada!

butter tart A very small (single-serving) pie. They taste like pecan pies without the pecans. This is a fairly typical recipe. (click here) They're yummy.

I actually make mine with cream though... they are a lot better, I will have to post the recipe soon!

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