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Sunburned Hugs
2002-04-15 - 8:39 a.m.

It is Monday and I am actually in a decent mood... maybe it is because I had such a great weekend. The weather was sunny, I got some new summer clothes, had a wonderful time with friends (my dinner went well...), spent even more wonderful time with Dave, and learned that Dave's parents are on their way to finishing the basement apartment.

Dave and I also got an offer to join Matt and Jamie on their trip to Hawaii in Sept. for their one year anniversary. I definitely have to go back to NY but I am thinking that Dave and I will start making payments on a trip for next spring break and Hawaii sounds like a good place to go. Plus it would be all paid off by the time we actually went and it would be good to do it now while there are no kids on board.

I am happy today because:

a: I am wearing a cute new pair of capris that I ordered from the GAP online.

b: My Lamb CD should be coming in the mail today.

c: The trees outside are all blossoming. It seems wherever your turn here, there are tons of them. The are so beautiful.

d: Basement apartment with cheap rent on the way.

e: I have a Hershey's raisin and almond nugget sitting on my desk calling my name.

d: Dave gave me a wonderful "have a great day at work" hug this morning and he wasn't wearing his shirt and was all hot from the sunburn that he got this weekend. (mind you, he is the only one who is happy about sun burns because it will "turn into a tan") It felt good.

I hope everyone is as blissfully happy as I at this very moment.

Canadianisms of the day:


sneakers, running shoes


Rhymes with "kook." A kind of hat, ubiquitous in wintertime.

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