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Surprise Email
2002-04-16 - 8:25 a.m.

My guestbook is lonely *hint, hint*.

Well, I woke up to snow today! I couldn't believe it after the 80 degree weather we have been having. I guess it is good since we need it so badly but it is still snowing and gah... I just hate the cold.

I also got to work and found an email from and X-Boyfriend. It was really a weird situation because we dated for awhile and things were good but I just lost interest and by that time he had already fallen in love with me. It was hard, I still wanted to be friends but he had such a hard time letting go. We kept up an awkward friendship for awhile, until I started dating someone else pretty seriously. Then I left for NY and lost touch, UNTIL, I got home and ran into him with my then fiancee, now husband. THAT was weird and I found an sad email from him in my inbox the next day. I wanted to invite him to the wedding because we had been such close friends but he obviously didn't want to come. I don't blame him.

He had always treated me so well. He would have given me the shirt off his back. Kind, generous, funny... It just wasn't meant to be.

And now, he is in Paris. Been in Europe for three weeks. I don't know if he will be returning soon or not but it was good to hear from him... weird but good. I hate severing ties with people. Each person I meet, date, know, has a history and meaning in my life and that is just something that I like to hold onto. I was glad to know that he is doing well... maybe I will set him up with Katie!

Dave and I found out that his parents are doing the basement apartment for sure now... %100 sure. It should be done sometime early summer. They are going to charge us $300/ month in rent which is great. We will be able to save some money and it will be so much nicer. Of course this will only be for a couple years or so. Dave will be done school by then and probably ready for dental school.

I have some misgivings about the whole situation but all in all, I think it will be great. Dave is really excited.

You know what show I am really addicted to? The bachelor. I remember saying how dumb it was when it first came out but now I can't stop watching it. The bachelor just seems like such a nice guy! And felicity is back on for a stint before the network is viciously pulling it. My favorite show. *sniff, sniff*. And I think Ben might die this coming episode. Break out the kleenex, I am in for a good cry. But, I think I will boycott the whole thing if he does... I mean what a pleasant way to end the final season!

Tonight I have to go to another one of those music things for Dave's class. I hope this one won't be as boring as the last. I will just slouch in my seat and take a nap for awhile if that is the case.... no I won't. I have too much respect for fellow performers to do that.

Work has been so slow and boring lately. If anyone knows of any good game sites, or other interesting things... let me know. It will help pass the long day!


Daily Canadianism:

homo milk:

Homogenized milk. Known in the States as whole milk. Nobody here thinks twice about what images milk cartons with the word "HOMO" in big letters on the side conjure up in the minds of Americans. A friend notes: "The term whole milk is actually used in Canada too, but refers to something different. Homo milk is homogenized milk with a butterfat content of 3.25%. Whole milk is not homogenized (it will separate if left standing for any period of time; this is the milk our parents drank). Almost all milk today is homogenized, although whole milk can still be found if one looks."

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