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Spring Cleaning!
2002-04-22 - 8:35 a.m.

Yeah so ummmmm... wanna know one thing I absolutely LOVE? Spring organizing. Going through EVERYTHING and getting rid of ANYTHING I don't use or wear and making things look neat and pretty. It is so fulfilling somehow.

So this weekend, I took on the closet. I bought a sweater holder to put away all my winter stuff (I am hoping not too early), and one that will go under my bed to store our down duvet.

And now I have two huge bags full of clothes sitting in my living room that will soon belong to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Club. More likely the Big Sisters Club since Dave gave up ONE SHIRT! Can't blame him though, he has a lot less clothing than I do. I realized in this process that I really need to start buying more clothes that a) Don't shrink

b) I really like.

I came to this conclusion because half the stuff I am giving away is almost brand new... been worn a few times... and too expensive. Call it- living in the Hamptons for a summer along with New Canaan, CT for a year- the second richest town in the US. But hey, that was when I had some money to throw around, and I had fun doing it.

The girls club is going to be very well dressed!

I also got rid of shoes- that was hard to do. But now my closet is neat and organized. White hangers on my half, red on Daves, neat piles on the top shelf and my purses and bags all lined up nicely along with my shoes on the bottom. And dear oh dear, I even went as far as to organize everything by color. Yeah, I know how neurotic that sounds but it looks so nice! And makes it easier for me to find what I am looking for in the dark, when Dave is still sleeping.

Also attended a barbeque this weekend. A baby was present which meaned my biological clock has just about knocked me off my rocker this weekend.

Too soon, too soon. If I just keep telling myself this maybe I will start to believe it.

This week I am going to conquer the hall closets as well as under the bed. That way, when Dave and I move, it will be much easier. And I am going to FORCE myself to no longer hoard junk.

It is a good monday. and those are pretty rare.

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