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The Downstairs Doop-head strikes again!
2002-04-23 - 11:09 a.m.

nothing much to write about today. I have been super busy working on layouts for people...

Getting kind of tired of doing it lately.

Something I never thought I would say.

So much coming...

one of my best buds Bree is getting married in May.

Andrea is getting married in June.

Elissa is having a baby any day now! (Can't wait!)

Katie is coming in 39 days! (who is counting!)

We are getting a new apartment!

Going to take a short weekend trip to Las Vegas in a couple months!

The weather is beautiful and life is good. I really can't complain.

Oh I just thought of something I can complain about. my downstairs neighbour. Yeah, can you just say the guy is totally unbalanced and I am afraid of him now?

He came banging on our door the other night yelling at me that "someone" had stolen his welcome sign.

Oh, I confess, I admit it, I did it. I stole that butt ugly welcome sign on your door and have is stashed under my bed. I was going to hold it for ransom but since you found me out... dang. Besides, I really don't make enough of my own money to go and find a peice of wood, buy some paint and paint welcome one it. The nail would just push my budget over the limit.


So anyway, I proceeded to calmly explaing that I have not seen his sign, did not TAKE his sign and don't know anything about it. Also reminded him that this is a crappy neighborhood so it is to be expected that anything not padlocked down is going to be taken.

"someone stole my sign and I am going to call the cops."

"yeah, someone took it". said his equally psycho wife from the bottom of the stairs.

Hello? Is there eardrums left in that mans head? I wished him luck in finding his dumb sign and slammed the door... the nerve.

I know these two are a few cans short in the cuboard but hello, accosting me due to the betterment of their front door is a step over the line.

Plus that guy scares me... he was literally spitting in my face while he was talking and that was just utterly disgusting. Where is a hanky when you need one.

About 15 minutes later, a police car pulls up to the curb. Dave and I could hear our neighbour explaining loudly about how someone stole his sign (while pointing at our apartment). I didn't hear the rest but the cop left a few minutes later. When the second one showed up an hour later, he wasn't too happy. I heard him threaten to send the guy to jail. Dave and I had a good laugh at this. This idiot harassing the police, demanding them to strip search us and haul us off to jail for supposedly stealing that ugly thing. When Dave took the garbage out he shared a sympathetic look with the officer who was shaking his head in frustration.

Shortly after the sheepish neighbour decended to his own pit, he noticed his sign beside the door. Ummm hello? Didn't think to look there in the first place? I mean, we DID have a huge windstorm the other day.

For the next half hour, Dave and I heard the guy yelling (you can hear every word through the thin floors) that somone had played a trick on him.

Give it a rest already.

I think I am going to get him a basket of welcome signs just in case...

It would be one thing if the guy was a cute little 13 year old but no, he is a big hairy, smelly 45 year old man.

And he shouldn't be living in our building with so little supervision.

I mean, it is pretty bad when the guy walked upstairs to ask us if we are the cable company ... 12 times in a row!

And I SWEAR, if I end up with any more gross man spittle in my face, I am going to hold a protest on the landlords front lawn!

Did I mention that every time I get home now, he comes and stands in his doorway? Probably protecting that darn welcome sign...

Welcome indeed!

Canadianism of the day:

Kraft Dinner, or KD

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. No difference between what's in the boxes, just what's on them. (Thanks to another visitor for this one.) Canadians eat a lot of KD. Referred to in some areas as "rubber bullets."

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