Gingerly Lizzy

Little Secrets
2002-04-25 - 4:38 p.m.

Yes, I am fully aware that this is my second entry of the day...

I don't know what it is, I just feel like spilling some guts.

My shoes are off. I hate shoes because I hate hot feet. And I alwas get hot feet while sitting at my desk at work. Dave will think this is ironic because at night when we are in bed, my feet are like ice and he screams at the touch of them. And I have to sleep with my legs wrapped around his so this causes quite a problem most nights...

So here I am, bare feet under my desk, but I have a nice big desk and no one can see. I like those kinds of secrets.

The kind where you are doing something out of the ordinary and not one person can see you or can even imagine...

Like singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush.

Like walking around the house naked. (Dave has no problems doing this with me but I have issues about parading my nekkid butt around in front of him!)

Like making goofy faces at yourself in the bathroom mirror until you are frightened by your own reflection.

Eating like a pig and not licking it off your lip for awhile when it drips...

itching (oops I mean scratching... I always say itching instead and Dave laughs at me) the INSIDE of your nose as much as you like without anyone thinking you are picking it.

Picking your nose. If that is your thing. I know we have ALL done it before though people!

Letin' em rip. As much as you want. Without the fear of anyone passing out. (How lady-like am I?)

Inspecting the bottoms of your feet for awhile. Somehow this just seems gross in public but personally, I like to inspect them every now and then... I mean, I have nice footsie-bottoms.

Singing in the shower. REALLY LOUDLY! Like DIVA like!

Dancing madly around the room- or just jumping.

OH I just thought of something that is kind of secret... but not really. I do it all the time and I am wondering how many other girls do... PINCH YOUR CHEEKS before you leave the bathroom/ the car/ the room whatever... so that you have that nice healthy glow going on when you walk into the room or see somebody.

I think that this explains why I like to sit in the bathroom-on the toilet for so long. I don't always go that long, but I love the complete privacy of the bathroom. I like to read in it, think... whatever.

Yeah, so I am demented. But in a good way... right?

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