Gingerly Lizzy

My New Organized Life!
2002-04-26 - 4:40 p.m.

2nd entry today too! Wow am I a loser or what!

Just too excited. Okay so spring always brings with it a sense that I really need to get organized. Well, today I got the ultimate early birthday present from my boss... A BRAND NEW FRANKLIN COVEY DAY PLANNER! Anyone who knows day planners know that Franklin Covey is the Bentley of planners.

They have a huge sale every year which my boss just happened to attend this morning. Where he was able to pick up a planner for me -black leather with a camel colored stripe down the side and camel interior- regularly costs around (with all the accessories) $200+ dollars and he got it all for $30!!! Crazy! It even has an day alarm/ time keeping/ calculator thingy in it that will sound alarms for whatever day I choose to set it on- so I don't forget to mail my mothers day stuff!

And then he announced that I didn't have to pay him back and to consider it an early birthday present! Yeah for Karl! Don't I have the best boss ever!

This is the most pimpin planner ever... yeah, I am slick now! Organized life, here I come!

The bad news of the day is that my car didn't pass it's safety. That means I have to get the bum emergency brake replaced... grrrr... hopefully it won't cost more than $150. Car's you love em, you hate em. You can live without em.

Happy weekend everyone!

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