Gingerly Lizzy

Early morning surprise for meeee!
2002-05-09 - 11:45 a.m.

So does someone want to explain to me why I was nauseous ALL DAY yesterday???


...didn't think so.

Feeling better today though and good thing. Didn't get as much sleep as I should have considering that Dave snuggled up to me at 4:30am and woke me up with a surprise! *wink, wink*

Those are the BEST surprises!

And today is Thursday which means Survivor... which I don't usually care all that much for but I am addicted to this one. And Felicity last night??? Man, I am NOT even going there. GRRRRRR... they are messing everything up.

Dave's sisters leave for Europe today... I soooo wish it was meeeee! And Twiggle will be leaving soon too for "the place I long to go to"... wahhhhh! NOT FAIR!!!!

I guess I will have to stick with Las Vegas in a couple weeks!

Exotic eh?

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