Gingerly Lizzy

2002-05-14 - 9:35 a.m.

I realize that this diary went from being comical little quips to the everyday, boring, mundane activities of my life. The problem is that one day I am going to end this diary and print out all my entries and create a little paper journal. I want to be able to remember the everyday little activities because I am sure that one day I will want to look back and remember what life was like when times seemed to be simpler (I know, not a word, is it?)and new. That is why it gets me when other Diarylanders or these retarded review sites, that think they are qualified to judge anothers life, give someone a poor score because they write about their day to day occurances.

No, I didn't get reviewed, or any nasty comments but just reading some other peoples diaries... I just want to write the complainer and say... whoa buddy... this is someones real life. It doesn't have to resemble Jerry Springer, or a book of poetry, or be too "deep" to grasp in order for it to be worthwhile.

I don't really write to entertain. I write to write. I write so my friends far away can keep up with what is going on in my life... to keep that bond there. I write so that one day I will have this record of this time period in my life. I write because I get bored at work and it gives me something to do. I write because there is something satisfying about knowing that others can take a peek into my life. I am sure that many D-Landers out there have the same reasons. If they were so private, they would use paper not the internet. Of course, the diary isn't an in depth study of my life... there are a LOT of things that I choose NOT to disclose and yes, I do limit the amount of information I disclose. I understand that a lot of people feel that it isn't a true diary if you can't let out your deepest, darkest secrets but I am not one of those. I guess I feel a sense of responsibility- to be a good example, to not further corrupt the minds of young people. And I want this diary to be something that others can read without the fear of being bombarded with things they might not want to hear... I don't want to be a reason why some 8 year old gets corrupted, or loses their innocence. Even my paper journals do not disclose everything. I know that someday, my children will read them... just as we read the diaries of others now. I want to be a good example for them. I do have a few little books where I jot down thoughts, get rid of anger and little secrets, but those are thrown away, destroyed. I would rather read things that I want to remember anyway, not those that I don't.

This doesn't mean that I have all these evil little skeletons in my closet. I have a few, as does everyone.

And I don't know why I just went off about this subject... I guess it was just something I wanted to get out.

As they say... to each his own.

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