Gingerly Lizzy

TGIF- Finally!
2002-05-17 - 8:40 a.m.

I am getting addicted to that new crime investigation show, CSI... and getting really excited for Vegas! (I realize those two things have very little to do with each other... CSI is SHOT in Vegas though...)

Dave and I went to the restaurant last night. I find that I always order wayyy too much food. It isn't as if the servings are small anyway, but I always feel like I hardly make a dent in all of it. If it wasn't for his parents owning it, Dave and I would have a lot less fun eating out! Katie, get ready for all the chimis you can eat (and a lot more running on the treadmill to make up for it!)

The big bossman is out of the office today. This means that I get to play tetris all day. (JOKING). It does mean a slow day though, much boredom and minutes seeming like hours.

I thihk if I ever have to get another job in the near future, I am gonna get something where I am on my feet all day, like serving or retail or something... I know it doesn't pay nearly as well, but the running around would make the day go by so much faster. Plus, then I wouldn't be sitting on my butt all day.

Dave and I bought an oscillating(sp?) fan a two weeks ago and it is amazing the difference that it makes in my sleep habits. I sleep so much more soundly and Dave pointed out that I haven't woken him up to stop snoring since we got it. That used to be a regular occurance. He didn't snore loudly (like the neighbour downstairs that SHAKES OUR FLOOR!) but I was such a light sleeper it would always wake me up. This is great, the only times I wake up at night are when Dave snuggles up to me in his sleep.

I would much rather have the fan going and the windows open than air conditioning. I know the day will come when that opinion will change though...

I have postponed my cosmetics shopping because NO ONE left any suggestions in my guestbook. ... Nobody loves me... humpf...

Well, I hope everyone has a smashing weekend. I know mine will probably be boring and restful but that is okay, the fun is coming next weekend!


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