Gingerly Lizzy

Love, love, love
2002-05-22 - 8:52 a.m.

This is how great Dave is:

He calls me at work on Monday, asking if I can get off early because Logan has two extra tickets to Star Wars and wants to know if we wanted to go.

I couldn't get off work. I told Dave to go ahead and go without me and he didn't want to... but he did, so finally I convinced him that the world wouldn't end if we didn't go together.

So I get home from work- to an empty house (me no likey) and on the kitchen table is this little note from Dave, accompanied by some candy that he got from the Crazy Canucks Canadian Imports store...

It says:

Helloooo my sexxxy little wife! (while an arrow pointing to the three x's in sexy says: "Triple-X! You MUST be really sexy!" I can't remember the exact words he wrote next but it was something like this...)

I love you because you are such a "smartie"(hence the box of smarties...)

and I always feel like you are so ahead of me, and I am running to "ketchup" to you (The bag of ketchup chips-my fave- placed beside that...)

I love you soooo much and can't wait to see you tonight.


Now some of you might be saying "huh? Running to "ketchup" is a good thing?"

Yes, it is. You just have to know Dave-Speak. That translates to: "I think you are such a good and wonderful person and you make me a better person."

I know him like that back of my hand so you can count that as pretty accurate. Anyway, how cute is that???

Yeah, I know. I am supremely lucky.

I love the fact that we are coming up on one year of marriage and we still can barely keep our hands off each other, still need big kisses and jumping from excitement of seeing each other after work, and snuggles at every hour of the night... And you know what? Despite what people say, or think, I know this will last. I KNOW that I have found something true, and good, and lasting.

Like I know that the next breath I take will contain oxygen...

I am that sure.

I was reading a diary yesterday, and someome was saying that there was no such thing as true love, no such thing as happy marriages anymore, and no point in marriage. That they didn't need a piece of paper to tell them that they were in love.

Well, with my religious beliefs, we believe marriage is a lot more than a piece of paper so I can't even argue that... everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but still, marriage is so much more to me. Especially since I don't BELIEVE in divorce, and neither does David. We made this decision, fully aware that divorce would not be an option so we had better choose carefully. And as for "no such thing as a happy marriage"... I know with my own eyes that this isn't true.

My parents are an example of a happy marriage. Sure they have had their ups and downs and tough moments, but EVERY relationship in life does... but I still remember my mother waiting for my dad to come home from a camping trip with my brothers, sitting on the couch where she could see out the window, listening to Shania Twains "You're Still the One", over and over... like a teenager anticipating the prom. And this was after 20 years of marriage.

And my dad still writes beautiful words in cards and notes for her. And is so kind, and patient...

So no, I don't agree with that diary-ist.

I think that too many people just rush into love. They let it hit them instead of finding something that will last, that will give them self-respect, and dignity, and make them want to be better. I think that Love should be something you CHOOSE, and when you made a good choice, it runs you over like a freight train but leaves you better than you were.

I think that people need to be more picky, more choosy. I had a list of things that my future spouse HAD to be. And Dave fits almost everything on that list... Too many people settle for less.

And one important key is that you generate all those "listed" qualities in yourself first because you only deserve what you are... and you are gonna have a hard time finding what you are looking for if you aren't what they are looking for...

I think that people see marriage as a temporary thing, instead of being a permanent thing. If everyone took it as seriously as they used to, I think people would be more careful in what hands they put their heart. More Children would have fathers, there would be a lot less tears and a lot more kisses.

I know this wouldn't work in every case, but it sure would improve... well everything. Society begins in the home... and the home usually begins with two people, in love, hopefully.

I am just grateful that I found that kind.

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