Gingerly Lizzy

Vegas in words
2002-05-28 - 10:31 a.m.

Well, the weekend is over.

And so is "my first time in Vegas".

We laughed, we shopped, we held hands, we kissed, we ate great food, saw amazing sights, we were wrapped up in each other, as well as the craziness surrounding us.

We didn't:

gamble a quarter or any money for that matter, appreciate people flicking half naked girlie cards in our faces, eat at a restaurant that we have never eaten at before, want our little getaway to ever end.


agreed that we would never want to live there, ate tons of junk food, loved our first hotel room, waited in line to get into club Rain for two hours and then left out of frustration, saw a lot of scantilly clad girls, could tell the New Yorkers from the Las Vegas-ers, paid ten dollars for a two-minute ride, each got whistled at and cat called,fought over directions.

All in all, tons of fun, will go back.

Yesterday was made up of barbeque and swimming pools, cherries and red hats, basketball and good friends, gossip and sunburn... ouch.

The pool is now open, so Dave and I will be spending a lot more time over at his parents house.

Katie will be here in 8 days... I need my sister.

This beautiful girl is one of my best friends, and her wedding is this Friday...

Emmie comes home soon... Andrea comes home soon- Two of my best nanny friends.

Life is full of friends, family, love and laughter... and it doesn't feel like a monday today... Oh, and I will be posting lots of pictures soon...

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