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liquid help.
2002-05-31 - 9:13 a.m.

It is Friday, I am at work... all dressed up for Bree's wedding. Dave is picking me up and we are leaving straight from here in about 2.5 hours.

Saw spiderman last night. I liked it. Dave liked it too, not many of our friends did. To tell the truth, there aren't many movies I don't like... but then again, there aren't many movies I absolutely love.

In reading past entries yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I can't spell worth a lick. I have SO many spelling mistakes... you would think I have a spelling handicap. And I am Canadian... I am supposed to be good at spelling! Must be all these years of living on American soil! The thing is, If I recognized them as mistakes, does this mean I really am a bad speller or just lazy?

Did you know that Victoria Secret now has "boob help" in the form of little plastic, stuff-filled inserts that you can put in your bra? Dave and I were picking up something for Bree last night and we saw them. Some of them are in the shape of lips with red goo inside... some have feathers inside, some have little pearls or sparkles and are in the shape of hearts. I think this is hilarious. Designer bra stuffers. Whatever happened to good old fashioned toilet paper! The good thing is, if you ever lost one, you could say it was a chew toy for when you get stressed, or just a little fun accesory. Nobody would know... oh wait. I forgot that half the male population subcribes to the Victoria Secret Catalogue. Victoria doesn't have many secrets left if you ask me!

Say YEY for the weekend!

I am going to sit at home and read tomorrow while David goes to play gold. GO ME!


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