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Things I love/ hate
2002-06-10 - 9:37 a.m.

Oh it is Monday, and I know that work is going to be slow and boring today. Tick... tick... tick...

Red Wings won this weekend eh? Whoo hoo!

And we had perogies and kielbasa and lemon tarts to boot.

Hopefully we can find a cool apartment for Katie today and get her all moved in tonight. That would be great. The apartment is just too small for the three of us. Plus, she and Dave gang up on me and I can't take being laughed at much longer! :) It's all good...

I can't help worrying over her and being a "mother hen" all the time. I wish I could just relax but I really want things to work out for her out here.

Mom has been calling like every day to make sure she hasn't freaked out yet. So funny. I remember when I first moved out here in '98 and she called me every day for a month. I felt loved!

Andrea came down on Saturday and watched the game with us. I can't believe she will be a Mrs. this weekend. I am doing her hair for the wedding (I have an amazing talent for up do's!) and so we practiced. It turned out great! Besides the fact that she didn't tell me that a couple of the bobby pins were too tight until she felt like she was gonna pass out! I hope it turns out just as well this weekend, I will definitely be nervous since this is the most important day or her life!

Thursday is the bridal shower, Friday the wedding and luncheon and Saturday the reception. Talk about spreading it out! Emmie will be there (YAY!!!) and a lot of the girls from Connecticut. I can't wait to see all of them. It will be like old times.

Things I am loving right now...

-Urban decay xxx shine lipgloss

-Summer strawberries and cherries

-Coral colored t-shirts

-Canadian Version of KitKat (Canadian chocolate doesn't contain wax)


-Oscillating fans

-Long hair

Things I am hating right now...


-Places without air conditioning (like my car!)

-Brittle fingernails that rip

-Doing layouts




-Not having any money.

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