Gingerly Lizzy

My Dad
2002-06-12 - 8:42 a.m.

So Dave and I got in a small tiff this morning, and I left his car with less than the best thoughts of him... and about 20 minutes later he returned with a huge Jamba Juice and a kiss for me. You gotta love that. It is the most disgusting Jamba juice I have ever had but you still gotta love that.

Yesterday was made up of cooking stir-fry for Katie and Dave, and watching trashy tv shows like elimidate. Boy, it never ceases to amaze me just how good some people are at making complete idiots of themselves on public television. Their mummy's must be proud.

I did watch that EFI? 100 Greatest Love Story (Movies) of all time. That was awesome and I realized that I had probably seen about 90 out of those 100 movies. Considering most of those could be considered "classics" I would say that is pretty good for a woman of my age. Thank my Dad.

He is different than most Dad's... he doesn't like sports, or cars, or big boy toys... doesn't need a lot of money, or a big house to make him happy... he is very spiritual, quiet, humble, likes to garden, likes opera, art, and old musicals, and movies and I have never seen him ever treat my mother with less than the most respect. He has an extremely cheesy sense of humor and even though he is almost 55, is still very handsome and has the look of a little boy who has just gotten into some mischief. Almost an innocence.

And we must have 80 of those 100 movies sitting at home amongst our video collection.

Thanks to my Dad, I have a great love for anything of class or culture. I love old movies and have just begun my own collection. I have a passion for the arts, and art and cultures of the past. I am so thankful to my Dad for passing this on to me because I truly feel that my life is so much richer for it.

I know this little speech is a little early but last night brought up so many feelings of appreciation.

I can't wait to pass these things on to my kids someday.

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