Gingerly Lizzy

Grin and Bear it.
2002-06-19 - 8:45 a.m.

Yeah, so who turned their alarm off this morning in their slee and then woke up at 8:15 when they were supposed to be to work by 8:00 am? I DID, I DID!

And who's work has a seminar going on this morning which means that they are the only person in the office who will be running the office? I DO, I DO!

And who was supposed to call their sister at 8 am on the dot so she could make it to her brand new job on time? I WAS, I WAS!

And who looks like poo this morning? ME, ME!

Yah, so as you can see, I haven't exactly got this morning off to a good start. Go me.

I forgave Dave for being a butt-nozzle and we had a pretty good night last night.

We went from our old apartment to what will be our new apartment. I helped Dave's mom make sweet and sour pork and he helped his dad frame.

After dinner I went down to watch and I will tell you, I have a whole new respect for home builders. It was definitely interesting and I realized that Dave's dad is a full-on Bob Villa!

They were putting in the second closet which means that Dave and I will each have our own closets! Yeah!

I am getting even more excited to move in. And it's great being able to take part in the whole process. The cabinets we are looking at are so nice! I will have lots of cabinet and counter space and that is definitely something I am looking forward to.

Later that night, we moved Katie's stuff into her new apartment. Her roomate has the place decorated a la - really young girl- style. I think she must be about 18 or 19, but it looks like a 15 year old has been living there for quite sometime now. UUUUGLY. I guess to each his own, but I also think that some of us were a lot more blessed with decorating skills than others.

Katies room is so barren! She has nothing! I felt so motherly towards her and the phone that she bought doesn't even work which definitely doesn't help things. I hated leaving her there. She didn't even have food in her cupboards!

Tonight after work, I am going to go and buy her a phone as well as some stuff to decorate her apartment. Hopefully her roomate will be home tonight so I will go in, and have it done for a surprise when she gets back.

Dropping her off reminded me so much of the days when I was new here in Utah. How alone I was (more alone than Katie! At least she has Dave and I and Dave's family!). I realized how thankful I am to be where I am, have what I have, and be married to who I am married to.

Dave went back to the new apartment after he helped us and didn't get home until 1am. I really can't sleep without him there so needless to say, I am tired this morning. And rushed. And I absolutely HATE being rushed. Put that up there on the beginning of my list of things I hate.

So that should bring me up to speed. And now I just realized that I left all the pictures that I was supposed to mail today at home. And now I have to do one of the other things up there on my list of things I hate- type up resumes...

Grin and bear it.

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