Gingerly Lizzy

2002-06-20 - 10:33 a.m.

Today is a great day. This is because I woke up on time today, because I saw a good movie last night (Bourne Identity-MATT DAMON IS HOTTT), Because Katie's room looks pretty now, because it is beautiful outside, because I don't look like poo today, because the apartment is getting underway and it is going to be awesome!, because Ryan thinks my sister is beautiful, because I ordered the new Martina McBride CD and Avril Lavigne and should be getting them anyday now, because I got a FAT BONUS FROM MY COMPANY THAT WILL PAY OFF TWO CREDIT CARDS!!!, because I only have three credit cards and one is almost at 0 balance, because my friend Chris from Westpoint is going to be in town for awhile, because my fat bonus means I get to buy a couple cute things to wear, because I had the best burger from Carl's Jr. yesterday (I have never had food from there before) and didn't even feel guilty, because I have the cutest husband in the world who loves to snuggle at night, because I have been coloring at work and it is FUN, because I'm not sick, because I'm Canadian, because I am living in a great country, because my mom loves me, because I feel a little bit country, because Europe exists, because I AM FREE, because I look younger than I really am, because I love those new nutter butter wafer thingies and there is a bunch of them at home right now, because my little sister Hannah wrote me a cute note the other day, because I found a really good website here yesterday, because I have rasberry gelato in my fridge and I am going to try it tonight, because, well, just because I am alive and it feels good.


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