Gingerly Lizzy

2002-06-21 - 2:42 p.m.

Yeah, well, I am still not liking this layout as much. It is, however, nice to have all my favorite links in one spot so I can just zip to them. I think I will keep this diary until I can come up with a layout using the same pic and idea as the old one, but be able to have these links... maybe.

I am so, sooo bad. I just spent a lot of money. Try two pairs of sandals and a necklace from American Eagle, and a shirt and little bottle of perfume from Banana Republic. That is alot for a newly married, soon to be student who's husband is also a student and we are trying to get money together for our one year anniversary trip as well as a new couch, as well as tickets to go to Canada for Christmas, as well as a new car,as well as... as well as...etc., etc.

I just couldn't help myself. Besides, Dave did tell me that it would be okay if I actually spent some of my bonus on myself. So lets not count the PJ's and robe I bought yesterday at Victoria's Secret okay?

Bad, bad lizzy.

Oh, but here is a picture of the shoes. The brown ones don't look like much on the picture, but are really cute on. The tan ones actually have little bows on the tops (hard to tell from the picture). I love shoes with little bows... sooo classy!

Have you ever read confessions of a shopaholic? (Such a funny book, I highly reccomend it) well, that is me, except for the fact that I don't get myself in that much trouble or debt. And since I got married, I have cut it down by like 75% so that is good right?

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