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2002-06-24 - 9:40 a.m.

Song I love at this very moment: "sometimes"- by James.

This weekend was a good one because:

* I saw Minority Report and loved it.

* I made a new friend.

* I got to eat cinnamon swirl french toast at IHOP with Katie.

* I bought the Serendipity DVD at Blockbuster for only $14.99

* Emmie finally called me (Now I need to call her back!)

* I got some good snuggles in, and other things, with Dave.

* Made the best mix CD with: Abra Moore/Ben Folds Five/Goo Dolls/India Arie/James/and lots of John Mayer

* It was beautiful outside.

* I realized I am starting to appreciate Country Music.

Bad things that happened:

* The plumber won't be able to do the basement apartment so now we have to find another one.

* We spent wayyy too much money.

* I got a sunburn on my knees and shoulders which has made sleeping less than fun.

* The apartment is STILL a mess.

*I realized I am starting to appreciate Country Music.

Okay so that is the run-down without the actual run-down. I feel like I got run-over this morning though...

I had THE hardest time getting out of bed. Felt like I had just finished a 20 mile marathon. What is the deal? I must have been stressing in my sleep or something. I am sure the "not being able to find the right dress for the party" and "shark attack" dreams didn't help. Remind me not to watch Maximum Xposure before bed anymore. Dave is such a bad influence!

So, does anyone want to hear about the RUDEST thing that happened to me this weekend?

First a little background- I guess that Western Canadians (Mainly people from Alberta) don't like Eastern Canadians (Mainly people from Ontario)... I guess they think that we don't like them? Or we think we are better than them or something? This is really strange because I grew up in Ontario my ENTIRE life and I NEVER heard anyone EVER say anything negative about people from Alberta, or Western Canadians. If anything, we thought being Canadian in general meant you were super cool and instantly formed a bond. I guess this is not the case.

I learned about the Albertan's negative attitude from a couple friends of mine from there. And this weekend I experienced the "prejudice" firsthand.

Dave and I were browsing hats at the mall before we had to head into our movie. I overheard a guy teasing one of the female EMPLOYEES about being Canadian... so I piped up and asked her where she was from- mind you I was polite and extremely friendly- She said "Alberta",

"Oh" I said, "I am from Ontario".

Her response in a very snooty tone accompanied by an equally snotty look:

"Oh, I'm sorry."

RUDE! RUDE! What a #@%$&!

So I said in a equally snooty tone:

"Well I'm not!"...

That was all I could come up with because I was still in quite a lot of shock that an employee who was supposed to specialize in CUSTOMER SERVICE/CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT/POLITENESS ANYONE? was actually that rude to me when I was simply trying to strike up a friendly conversation and find some common threads- "We are both Canadian! Lets celebrate our wonderful country by singing OH CANADA right here and now and then embrace in a friendly Canuck Hug."

I was indignant. Me, usually never violently hostile...I wanted to punch that little hoochy-mama in the face. Dave didn't really react when I told him. His response:

"She is nasty anyways" (How funny that Dave relates everything towards outside appearances... he really isn't that shallow... but it is still funny!)

Dave dragged me out of the store before I could report her snub little attitude to her manager. I should have...

So, I am starting a revolt... since there is an attitude that ALBERTAN'S hate ONTARIOAN'S I say we hate them back! We have more people to hate with anyway! Mich, Ally, Mel - SPREAD THE WORD!

No, just kidding, That would make us just as bad as they are. But seriously, I wish people would just take their little noses out of the air and realize that places don't make people and stereotypes are WRONG!

That hurt my feelings... *sniff, sniff*. People from Ontario have them too you know! And I DO LOVE QUEBEC!

*evil laughter* - hee hee haa haaaah haaaaaaaa!

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