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The Disappointing Taco
2002-06-27 - 8:30 a.m.

Sometimes the best places to eat are the tiny mom and pop ones tucked away in a corner somewhere. Not a lot of hulabaloo, but really good food.

Well, not in this case. Last night I drove by D*s taco shop on my way home from work and decided that it looked tiny and wonky enough to be good and that Dave and I would eat there that night.

So we took a little walk over and were greatly disappointed. The prices were too high, and while my taco's weren't so bad, Dave's chimi was disgusting and the beans and rice didn't quite cut it. The salsa wasn't too bad but the chips were ultimately stale. All in all, I guess that teaches us to get Mexican food at any other place but Ricardo's. How can they charge $2.50 for chips and salsa? Most mexican restaurants give it away free! I still want to try the apple chimi from there though...

We did however find a little italian restaurant that serves real gelato. I got strawberry and Dave got watermelon and strawberry. I swear, his watermelon tasted exactly like a watermelon. It was pretty impressive.

Right now I am feeling a little bit country, listening to Martina McBride's greatest hits CD. Mind you, when I moved from Canada I loathed country music but something about being here in the west, with the mountains and all the wide open spaces, well... it kind of grew on me. It makes me feel kind of homey... and peaceful.

Weird, I know, it's country.

So everyone wanna hear what I have to do at work today????

Drumroll please...

Read my new book. Check my emails. That is about it. It is going to be a looooong, loooong day.

I wish things would pick up a little, I am starting to get lazy I think.

So tonight I lose my husband to golf. Gah. I hate golf. This means that I will have nothing to do. Go me. Maybe I will actually clean or something. Fun.

And I am still waiting for the stories folks! (See an entry or two back...)

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