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2002-06-28 - 11:38 a.m.

I am so on the verge of tears right now!

Awhile ago, I bought four tickets to go see the Tragically Hip in Las Vegas in August. Paid $115.oo for them too.

That was my birthday present.

And somehow, those tickets are gone. I think they might have gotten thrown out somehow with the junk mail but I have searced my house high and low and I cannot find them anywhere.

So I spent and hour and a half on the phone at work calling a long distance number for ticketmaster to try and see if they could reprint the tickets.

On a side note, someone had called my house yesterday to say that the show had been changed to a 21 and over show and they left a refund code on my anserwring (I can't spell) machine.

I called and waited a half hour to talk to the first lady who was extremely rude and basically told me "too bad! Your fault" so I told her that I was just going to use the refund code then and she hung up on me!

I then waited another half hour to be disconnected once I finally got speaking with a human being.

And then after another 45 minute wait, I was told there was really nothing they could do, in order to get the refund I would need to send back the tickets (which I didn't have) and then finally she said that she would try and get ahold of the box office and call me back. YEAH RIGHT.

Everyone in their right mind knows that there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks, that I am going to get a call back, or my money back, or a new set of tickets.

So basically, my birthday present consists of me taking $115 and burning it.

That is just so dumb! I mean, I have all the proof that I am who I say I am, and all I want are four more little pieces of paper that say I can sit in the same seats that I paid for! Now there are going to be four empty seats at that concert because ticketmasters customer service sucks my big toe!

They shouldn't even call themselves customer service. More like customers want to-beat-us-up-and-kick-in-our-faces, or customer rudeness, or customers-can-bite-our-butt-because-we-are-just-doing-this-to-get-paid-and-couldn't-care-less-if-they-are-out-$115-and-missing-what-might-have-been-a-highlight-in-their-life.

Maybe I should just write the hip and then they can get me backstage passes or something.

In my dreams right.

And Dave isn't being too supportive of me either right now.


I need lots of hugs and snuggles and someone to feed me chocolate and wipe away my hot frustrated tears.

Any takers?

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