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Dr. Butthead and the IRATE PATIENT!
2002-06-28 - 3:24 p.m.

This has just not been a good day... and it better get better.

Besides losing the tickets and $115.00 (read last entry if you are going "duh?")

I got a bill in the mail last night. It turns out that when I went to the emergency room in February (following some problems after my surgery) this stupid doctor thinks that he actually did enough work to meritt me paying him $181.00 of my hard earned cash.

I called the customer service number on the bill. The lady basically said "too bad, but I can put it on hold if you want to write up a statement for review"... so that is just what I did. Here is the letter that I mailed this afternoon. This will give you a good idea why I am so mad...

To Whom It May Concern.

On 02/23/02 I paid a visit to the Blankety blank blank Emergency Room. The week before I had surgery to remove two benign tumors from my ovaries and was unable to (lemme save you the gross details... I couldn't pee and the incision had re-opened. YUMMY!). I was seen to a room where a HOSPITAL TECHNICIAN came in and checked my vitals. She later administered a (something to help me pee). The doctor DR. BUTTHEAD came into the room awhile later while he looked at my incision and left. My personal physician DR. GOOD was at the time on call in the hospital. He was summoned and came to look at my incision. DR. GOOD diagnosed the problem, packed my incision, gave me further direction, and was the last doctor I had spoken with.

It therefore troubles me that I am being charged $181.00 for services of DR. BUTTHEAD, when he did not administer any services besides LOOKING at my incision and calling my personal physician. Upon checking with my insurance company, I was charged, by the hospital, for my emergency room visit, usage of equipment and the technicians care.

I am disputing these charges due to the fact that I do not think it is correct to charge $181.00 for a physician to come into the room, look at you for a minute or two and then call your physician to take care of the rest. Upon calling the Customer Service department of Blankety, blank, blank, I was told that they could not disclose the services that had been rendered to me over the phone because they are confidential.

I am therefore requesting a listing of these so-called “services” that had supposedly been rendered on 02/23/02 by, and only by, DR. BUTTHEAD with a breakdown of their cost. I should legally be allowed to know what I am paying for.

Upon receiving this, I would be willing to pay the amount covered by my insurance company for his services ($75.00-due to the fact that he is not a participant with my insurance provider), even though I feel that even this is too much for the few minutes of “care” I received from him.

I am a person, not a number. I deserve to be treated as such and billed according to the care I actually receive.

Thank You.

Go me. Lets see if this actually works. I doubt it though because THE WORLD IS MESSED UP!

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