Gingerly Lizzy

I'm thinking of shaving my head.
2002-07-01 - 9:39 a.m.

Well, it is Monday, there is a huge fire blazing in the mountains pretty dang close to our apartment and it is making me a little nervous. I know the chances of it making it's way all the way down there are pretty slim but it still makes me nervous.

It is so pretty at night though, too bad it is so destructive.

My boss is back, and it is still slow as heck here. At least I get a lunch.

So we had a great double date on Friday night... cross your fingers that Katie gets a phone call...

Saturday I cleaned the apartment and then Dave and I headed to the pool and I got some sun and relaxation. We went grocery shopping, I made tacos for dinner and then we met L* and J* and C* and O* at the movie theatre to watch Mr. Deeds. Some funny characters but kind of a dumb movie.

Sunday was a short version of church and then the Nauvoo Temple dedication which was amazing! What a beautiful temple it is. We then picked up Katie and it was off to Dave's for dinner and to do our laundry.

Typical weekend, but fun.

I'm not in much of a writing mood today.

My tickets are still lost. And no, no one called from ticketmaster like they said they would. Guess it is a lost cause now.

And just for the record, my retarded hair is ticking me off.

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