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2002-07-08 - 9:00 a.m.

What a great week-end it has been. The fourth was a rocking holiday for me.

Dave and I attended the block party on the 3rd. Got there just in time to grill some burgers and catch some friends to come watch a movie with us at the apartment.

Then on the fourth I dragged Dave out of bed early enough to go stake a small spot to watch the parade.

I don't know what it is about parades but I love em. I guess part of it is the feeling of Unity that you have with everyone else who is out there lovin the parade and my favorite part- the marching bands. Especially the drummers. Marching band beats are just so funky fresh, it is all I can do to not get up and groove along side them down the street.

I just sounded like an idiot just then but oh well... I am what I am.

There were about three of four marching bands in that parade. Not half as many as the great one they have in Michigan every year but still fun.

It was a hot day, Dave got a snow cone so that made him happy.

On a side note- my husband is addicted to otter pops (Mr. Freeze's for all you Canadians). I mean, he can take down 10 of them in 15 minutes. Snow cones are a good second. He was estatic when I bought him one of those huge Freeze's from the Crazy Canuck store.

Okay, back to the fourth... It was a patriotic parade and even though my heart truly belongs to Canada, I felt patriotic.

I don't know what it was but the fourth was also nap day. We went to the parade, came home and took a nap. Went to the art and craft show, came home and took a LONG nap.

That night we met L* and K* and J* for dinner at Outback Steakhouse. The food was really good and the patrons got pretty goofy. In that sitting we compared tongues to see who's was the longest (Dave won with me coming in second-our kids are gonna be freaks!), demonstrated ear wiggling, eye crossing and all sorts of other faces that are rarely seen, and for good reason.

Needless to say, a lot of laughs were had.

After dinner, Dave and I headed off to the stadium of fire. It was AWESOME with a capital A.

There were: sky divers, bagpipes, missionaries and Larry King, Not to foget Larry Kings oh so young and beautiful wife, an awesome accapella group called Eclipse, KSL news people, Steve Young, A Trampoline Family, Stadium of Fire Dancers, Gala Award Winners, Tobey Keith, about a million boyscouts carrying flags, the utah rescue squad that was one of the first there on september 11th, cotton candy and massive drinks, Jen and her date Ben, and an amazing display of fireworks.

The downside to being at stadium of fire, particularly where we were sitting, during the fireworks, was that the ashes rained down on our heads, in our eyes and ears and it basically felt like a giant hand was throwing dirt on us the entire time. I still had DANG GOOD TIME and plan to go again next year. This time hopefully I can get seats on the lawn.

Work was nice and slow on Friday as usual. I got off a little early and Dave and I went home and took a nap (Boy, it sounds like we sleep a lot! We really don't though!)

and then hung out at the apartment and later went and played some video games at a friends house. I realized that I absolutely SUCK at car racing games. 50% of the time my car is faced in the opposite direction and I am trying to figure out how to get it turned around.

I would have thought, being artistic, that I had better hand/ eye coordination than that!

Saturday we cleaned the apartment, and headed to Daves for a barbeque/ pool get-together. Andrea and Joe were in town and joined us which was AWESOME. We went to Lord of The Rings and the dollar movies with them afterwards, me with a sunburn, Joe with his full brigade of Canadian put-downs and so we got quite a bit into it before the movie started. I came out cool and calm and I think Joe was ready to spit a cat.

Fine with me. I know what the best of the best is anyway.

I don't know what it is about some Americans need to trash on Canadians. Maybe they are just jealous because despite the fact that we are NOT the most powerful and rich country, Europeans don't hate us as much,we really ARE proud to be Canadian and we truly have no desire to be Americans which I think really kills all the die hards out there.

That is okay, if they were on my homeland soil, they would get it just as bad, only we wouldn't get our underwear in such big knots over it all.

Sunday was church, and dinner at Daves, and excitement about the apartment and big husband-wife talks. All good of course. And I won't divulge any details but let me just say that changes are in the air and they are all wonderful!

So that brings us up to date. With me, here, at work, getting ready to color some more and be bored out of my mind.

Just how bored you ask?

Well bored enough that on Friday, using Microsoft Paint, I actually created a time clock that I can fill in every 15 minutes... my countdown to the end of the day.

Now just how pathetic is that!!!

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