Gingerly Lizzy

Second entry of the day-bored? yes.
2002-07-09 - 12:35 p.m.

My boss has the habit of telling really cheesy jokes which is bad news for me because it means I have to sit there and laugh. I am not very good a fake laughter either... I hope he doesn't notice.

Dave and I got into a bit of a tiff last night. It is all because I make faces when I brush my teeth.

It isn't even something that I purposely do to see how goofy I look when I look into the mirror. I just do it.

And last night Dave noticed.

He was just finishing up with his shower and getting dressed when I guess I rolled my eyes.

He thought I rolled my eyes at him. WHICH I DID NOT.

He thought I was rolling my eyes at what he thought I thought was an incredibly UN-sexy body.

Just for the record, I think Dave has a beautiful, incredibly SEXY body and I would never, ever do such a thing.

So he started in on a bit of a tirade about how I must not be attracted to him if I am rolling my eyes at him without his shirt on.

At first I had to laugh. I mean, here I was being blamed for something I wasn't even aware that I did. And what a corky I am to make faces while I brush my teeth in the first place!

I tried to convey this to him but it just turned into me getting mad that he never believes me and him trying to kiss me out of being mad.

So in avoiding his kisses, he got a mouthful of hair.

Serves him right.

It seems like whenever he us upset over something, as soon as I have reached his level of upset-ness, he is as cheerful as a lark.

This really stinks for me because his efforts to cheer me up consist of persistant mulling, fondling, kissing and attempts at snuggling.

None of which I am very receptive to but come on... it is really hard to resist someone who is more handsome than a ken doll. (Hey, I thought they were pretty handsome when I was a kid so don't knock on my door!)

It seems that everyday that goes by, I just fall more and more in love.

Even though he still picks his toes on the couch,

and plucks the hair from his feet,

and leaves otter-pop-stickyness all over that countertops,

and hair stubble in the sink,

But he also makes up funny little songs little songs and sings them to me when we are goofing off at night.

He also brings me little treats here and there,

and cleans up the dinner mess without ever complaining,

and takes out the garbage constantly without a word,

and kisses my forehead,

and holds my hand in public,

and tickles me till I am going to throw up (oh wait, we are talking good things now),

and asks me if I want the last cookie... usually,

and doesn't get too mad when I buy too many CD's,

and goes to the temple with me,

and calls me sexy mama, even in the morning when I look more like dead and decomposing mama.

and he makes me laugh, and look at life in a different way.

and for that, his feet can be bald for all I care.

I'd love him more.


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