Gingerly Lizzy

2002-07-16 - 8:44 a.m.

Just on a side note, I wanna say it is sooo funny how blind and misguided some people can be. And so wrapped up in their own, messed up little worlds that they can't see straight.

With that out of the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Thanks Reva, Tammy, HeatherAsh, Mich, Widower, and Solona for the birthday wishes! You guys are too kind. Hugs and kisses for you all!

I wonder what Dave has planned. Seriously, this day is going to go by SO slowly just because I am sitting here in total anticipation.

And want to hear the most darling thing? Last night we were talking before we fell asleep and he told me to wake him up early so he could take me to breakfast. Well, I really, really value my sleep so I suggested that we save the shut eye and he can just make me breakfast in bed. So he told me to wake him up at 7. Now for Dave, this is a HUGE sacrifice, his sleep is more precious than air. So it meant a lot to me when he rolled over this morning and 7 am and asked me if I was hungry for breakfast - mind you he had one eye half open, hair awry and I wasn't quite sure that he wasn't talking in his sleep.

I am not much of a breakfast person unless it is after 10am so I told him no, I wasn't hungry and instead I got an extra half hour of snuggling time which was much better than any pancake ever could be.

And just five minutes ago, Logan (Dave's best bud) called to wish me a happy birthday. How sweet was that!

You gotta love birthdays... I plan to suck this one for every ounce it is worth.

Now I am going to read the morning papers. Then I am going to check my email. Then I am going to do some paper journal writing (which is a momentous occasion itself).

I hope all of you have a wonderful JULY 16 cause I know I will!


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