Gingerly Lizzy

Birthday Romance
2002-07-17 - 9:21 a.m.

Ahhh, what a lovely, romantic birthday!

So I got to leave work a half hour early because the boss returned. I got home to find balloons taped all over, a wonderful red cake with cheescake frosting, goodies and a present for meeee!

And the balloons... seriously, I laughed for a full five minutes at them. Dave is such a goof. They were put up so sporadically, you can tell he just took the tape and the ballon and stuck where ever. There was one hanging from the clock, one taped to the BACK of each chair, one hanging on the windowsill and then like ten taped to the kitchen doorway. It was sooo funny!

We lit my candles and he sang happy birthday to me at the top of his lungs. And then I blew them out... all in one shot.

But we had to light them again because I forgot to make a wish.

So we did that, and once again, all in one shot. So that means my wish will come true... this should be an interesting year. AND NO! I will not tell you what it was!

You will just have to wait and see.

We had some cake and opened my present which was gummies (I love those sugared gummies), a book, and a beautiful sweater from Banana Republic.

Mind you, Las Vegas and the hip concert is my real present.

We then got dressed after pictures and smooching and headed to Salt Lake where we were going to go to the Lion House Restaurant on Temple Square.

Yeah, but the lady that Dave spoke with who told him "no, you don't need reservations, come right in...", neglected to tell him that THE RESTAURANT IS CLOSED ON TUESDAYS! GRRRR!

So we went to the Garden which was just as good (it has a huge retractable roof over the restaurant which is on the top floor of a pretty tall and beautiful building) The food was pretty good... not the greatest but the atmosphere was wonderful and we had a good time.

We walked around the beautiful gardens afterwards and then decided to go home for some more birthday fun. Hee hee heeee!

It was a wonderful evening. As we were laying there together, later that night, snuggled up to each other, I told him that the best birthday present of all was being able to finally spend it with him.

And it is so true.

My life is so much better because he is a part of it.

OH- but I didn't tell you about the card! He gave me the MOST beautiful card. IT made me get teary eyed. I can't remember it word for word but it said something along the lines of our love being more beautiful than the most perfect rose. And then he had written some sweet, wonderful words inside.

This first year I have felt so completely in love, happy, content and loved by Dave... I feel it is almost too good to be true, or that there is no way that a person deserves to be this happy. I am just going to cling to it and pray that it will be like this, even through the hard times in our life.

We are truly a perfect match.

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