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2002-07-18 - 8:42 a.m.

I have to get this entry out of the way because soon I will be busy typing resumes since today is seminar day.

At least it gives me something to do.

Yah, so last night I got a plethora of birthday presents. Including the cutest card from my sister that almost made me cry. She also gave me a gift certificate to media play (can't go wrong there since most of my extra cash is spent on CD's). I bought four:

-I am Sam soundtrack (with all those great beatles cover songs!)

-John Mayer

-The New Our Lady Peace (Gravity)

-The New Dave Matthews (Busted)

And then Dave came home, after installing the door to the new apartment, with a gift from his parents. Yay, a beautiful book and another gift certificate to Media Play for $50. Send me on back...

My parents gave us a nice one to Target which I will probably save to knock some money of the digital recorder we are going to get ourselves for Christmas.

I also went to the gym (Yey me!) and worked these muscle-less arms to a pulp. I am determined to have nice, sleek, toned arms within the next couple months.

I just need to get myself determined to do cardio and have a nice, sleek butt as well. But that is going to take a LOT more work.

AND-THE GREATEST THING I DID- DRUMROLL PLEASE- I have seriously put this off for months and months : I cleaned my car.

I mean Windexed the interior windows and dashboard (almost died of dust inhalation), took out all the jackets and garbage (a whole garbage bag full!), Removed my lopsided "I heart NY" bumper sticker and added a nice fresh ON (for Ontario, with a little Canadian Flag on it)one. Dave laughs at me for these but hey, I need something with my personal touch on it. I don't care who thinks I am dorky. I also added more windshield wiper fluid and a little vanilla yankee candle car freshner thingy.

All is well in Liz Carland. Now I just need to vacuum it out sometime.

I love it when I get on the ball and do those things that I had been procrastinating. It just makes me feel good.

*Oh and Katie? I threw away all your resumes that had been trampled to death on the passengers side floor. I just guessed that you wouldn't want them! :)

Anyone want birthday cake? I have a whole one in my fridge that will probably end up being thrown away in a couple days.

Common over. Eat cake. Or reeses peices peanut buter cups. I have a whole bag of those too. SOMEONES TRYING TO FATTEN ME UP! I should say MORE!

By the way, anyone know a good recipe for a "summer salad"? I guess that can be any good summery, picnic type salad.

I need to make one. TONIGHT!


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