Gingerly Lizzy

100 Things about me!
2002-07-30 - 1:12 p.m.

I stole an idea from Twiggle. (I hope you don't mind!)

100 Things About Me!

1.I have two middle names: Cathy Marie.

2.My Real name is Elizabeth.

3.Everyone calls me Liz.

4.My mom calls me Dizzy Lizzy sometimes.

5.I am 23 years old.

6.I was born on July 16, 1979

7. I was the firstborn and the smallest baby in my family.

8. I am the oldest of six.

9. My hair is dirty blonde.

10. I often dye my hair. I have been a brunette, a red head but most of the time I go lighter blonde.

11. I was born in Ontario Canada.

12. I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up and took dance classes on and off for awhile.

13. I didnít have the right body structure and not enough muscle memory to be a dancer.

14. When I was little I had a wild imagination and used to pretend that I controlled the weather.

15. I was the best kid in my class at English and art. I was the worst in gym and math.

16. I won the speech contest two years in a row.

17. In elementary school, I sang with the band for all our concerts. I also played the flute.

18. My favorite color is blue.

19. I love Chinese food.

20. I love crisp white sheets.

21. I am 5'8".

22. I used to love Barbieís. I used to have 24 of them, two ken dolls, and three babies. I used to have an expensive Barbie house with all the furniture but I preferred to make my own house and furniture in a bookshelf. This bugged my parents.

23. My parents are still married.

24. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

25. I live in Utah.

26. I have lived in 5 places: Windsor Ontario, Quebec City, Connecticut, New York, Utah.

27. I have been to: New York, Toronto, Montreal, Las Vegas and Chicago and love big cities.

28. I lived in the Hamptons for the summer and got to go to the beach EVERYDAY.

29. I met Michael J. Fox, Harry Conick Jr. and his wife (x-Victoria Secret Model) Jill Goodacre.

30. I drive a green 93 Plymouth Sundance. My husband drives a beautiful goldy-silver Honda accord with leather interior. It is a stick shift.

31. I donít know how to drive a stick.

32. I went to an arts school part of the day during highschool where I took dance, drama and vocal music.

33. I took drama in college... it wasnít as good as my art school in highschool.

34. I have been in a lot of different performances, singing vocal music, music theatre and theatre.

35. I spell theatre with re because that is how we spell it in Canada.

36. I won the best all around student in Dance, Drama and Vocal music Award my senior year of art school.

37. I studied french at Universite Laval in Quebec city for a summer.

38. I once got an award from the Lieutenant-Governer of Canada for an act of bravery.

40. I married David on Sept. 22, 2001.

41. He is nine months older than I am.

42. My husband wants to be an orthodontist.

43. I havenít finished college but plan to... hopefully sooner than later.

44. I work in an office all day.

45. I was really bossy when I was a kid.

46. I am still a little bossy... but not too bad.

47. I always put my foot in my mouth (no not literally!)

48. I love the smell of oranges and coconut.

49. I have never been overseas.

50. I love to read.

51. I love music, I spend most of my spare money on C.D.s

52. I always paint my toenails.

53. I love golden delicious apples.

54. My grandma is one of my best friends.

55. I want to be a photographer one day.

56. I want a big family (4,5,6 kids)

57. My sister Katie is my best friend ( besides Dave of course)

58. I hate having my feet touched.

59. I am very, very ticklish.

60. I sing really loud in the shower and in my car but wonít sing for friends or family.

61. I was recorded singing Oh Canada... the beginning solo...and we listened to it every morning at my elementary school.

62. I have had stitches twice... once when I split my lip open and when I had cysts removed from my ovaries.

63. The most I have ever stayed in a hospital overnight is three nights.

64. I was rushed to the emergency room in an ambulance after getting hypothermia from being in cold water too long.

65. I had really, really bad gas from swallowing so much water.

66. I was on the swim team in elementary school and a little while in highschool.

67. I was terrified of E.T.

68. I worked at McDonaldís for three years while I was in highschool and never got employee of the month.

69. I promise that I wasnít a loser in highschool.

70. I watched Alien when I was a kid and had to sleep with the lights on for weeks.

71. I want to learn how to speak Italian one day. I want to visit Italy-first choice.

72. I was a nanny for a family with 6 kids!

73. David and I were almost mugged in Queens, NY once.

74. I hate the smell of fish.

75. I always wear a sweater when I am in an air-conditioned room.

76. I broke my tailbone while snowboarding and didnít even know it.

77. I donít snowboard very well but plan to get better.

78. I used to rock climb... I need to get back into it.

79. I like to sketch but donít practice very often.

80. I love to cook and bake. Mostly bake.

81. My family used to vacation up in Northern Ontario (Tobermory) and go to my uncles cottage in Northern Michigan ever year.

82. I love watching the Miss America Pageants.

83. I love going to the movies. Dave and I go almost once every week.

84. I want to be and interior designer/decorator AND a beautician/hairdresser as well as a author/illustrator of childrens books, a photographer and a Movie producer.

85. I love a calm lake at night that reflects the stars.

86. I get along really well with my parents.

87. I love Reese Pieces peanut butter cups.

88. I donít have a green thumb.

89. I love Hockey.

90. I have duel citizenship.

91. I love the color PINK.

92. I love English accents, and can do them really well.

93. I love to make people laugh.

94. I am too sensitive... I get all teary even for Hallmark Commercials.

95. I have a really bad temper.

96. I am impatient.

97. I have big brown eyes.

98. I in so in love with my husband that sometimes it hurts.

99. I like to MAKE THINGS

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