Gingerly Lizzy

My Very Own Episode of Friends.
2002-08-01 - 9:07 a.m.

I figured it out EDEN!!!! With a little help from a friend *I'm winking at you T!*. I wasn't even looking in the vicinity where I should have though!

Bridal showers are fun. Especially if it is made up of all of your best friends.

Let me give a little introduction to these friends.

There is Lor. cute, petite brunette who just got home from her mis.

Ang. the adorable bride. So girly she would make barbie seem like a butch. A soft wispery voice, huge beautiful brown eyes and irresistable to an male within a 50mile radius. She says the funniest things too... like on the train when she asked Lan and Lor where the golden gate bridge was... IN NYC!

Jam. We are probably closest out of all the girls. Eternally self criticizing but with no seeable reason to do so. Flippy shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, great style and a profile that would make any model envious. She is so soft hearted and giving, always ready to lend an ear. Observant and always willing to go the extra mile to cheer you up if you need it. Is married to Matt... one of Dave's best buds. I set them up!

Lan. When you first meet Lan, and don't know her very well, you might think that she doesn't like you. But once you form a bond, she is furiously loyal and you will always want her on your side. Looks like Cameron Diaz only curvier up top. Is unforgettably creative. Her answers are short and to the point and it only takes a moment for her smile to light up a room. She is married to Brandon.

Kat. I don't know Kat too well, only have hung out with her a few times but know of her through all the girls. She is married to Kade and expecting in about seven months. She is cute with neat features and clear blue eyes, blonde curly hair... She is friendly, and always willing to give great hugs.

Rees. Rees is like Jam. in that she is missing some much needed self confidence. If only she could see what we all see. Amazingly beautiful... long blonde hair, perfectly proportioned, pretty as a flower with bright eyes and a pouty set of lips. Rees. is one of the easiest people to carry on a conversation with, or pour your heart out to. She is a good listener, a good friend, thoughtful and deep. Searching for love and on the verge of finding it.

There are others Katie (my sis) was there... Fun Stac; who is in Bolivia, Vivacious Ceri; in Scotland, Andy; newly married in KY, one of the most beautiful, kind and generous people I know, Am; in Poland, Steph; working as an AuPair in France and learning french...

and more...

We all met in Connecticut where we were all working as nannies. We were all mostly from Utah and obviously all went to the same church.

Some of us were escaping something, some of us were biding our time, some of us were saving money (or trying to) and some of us were just having fun... seeing new sites, taking it all in.

We all had a lot in common and we all liked to have fun.

There were get togethers full of goofiness. Trips to NYC filled with laughter and dancing and generally scaring the public (and New Yorkers think they are almost unshakable? Not when WE came into town!). There was the time that everyone dressed up to go pick up Lor from the JFK airport. We aren't talking evening gowns, more like tu-tu's, hilarious 80's clothes, things that weren't meant to be worn on a head being worn on a head... and the best part of all... Ang dressed up like a man; a chauffer with a card with Lor's name on it. And she EVEN GOT HIT ON DRESSED UP AS A MAN! Someone had even made a banner that they made Lor run through like she was in a marathon or something. Tourists probably thought this was just a regular thing to see in New York.

There was a Christmas together and a formal dinner where we all dressed up to be each other's Valentines.

There was country dancing and hodge podging at the marina in Stamford.

There were random sleepovers like we were still in highschool.

There was the time that Stac accidentally set off the alarm and the cops came wondering what the heck six girls were doing up at 2am making pajama pants with a sewing machine.

Sleepy train rides, "Friends" nights, piling onto Lans bed for tickles, and we can't forget Bennigans where the waiter ask Stac if "those things are real?" and I told him off.

We laughed so much that year, and formed a bond that will never be broken.

And last night, another took out her rights to bite the dust... err... get married that is.

We talked about east coast times and the life changes that have happened in all of our lives. So many... so little time. And yet most of us have been around to witness them...

The greatest thing, after all, that we brought home with us... is our friendship.

I love you guys!

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