Gingerly Lizzy

Hummingbirds of peace.
2002-08-05 - 9:59 a.m.

I am so ornery. Good thing this is only a four day week for me. And I got a little visitor. One I was hoping I wouldn't get.

C'est la vie.

The weekend was good. Dave and I saw Signs on Friday night. Wow was that ever a good movie. Scary as can be. Alfred Hitchcock would have liked it. I screamed really loudly at this one part. I didn't mean to but before I knew it, it had escaped. I don't think I have ever seen David laugh that hard. He got me going and then we couldn't stop... for like ten minutes. I had to plug my nose the whole time otherwise my laughing would have been audible.

Saturday, we snuggled then headed to work on the apartment. I watched a video that my dad gave me and I had been wanting to see for awhile (we have a DVD player-my dad didn't know) and did laundry. We came home, ate spaghetti and watched TV for awhile.

Sunday we went to church - I met a really nice girl, I think we might end up being good friends, we will see. Then to his parents house for dinner where there was a little bit of drama.

You see, Dave and I are a very affectionate pair. Mind you we are not into a ton of PDA or anything but his parents house is one place we feel comfortable (or did) showing affection for each other. By showing affection I mean sitting and snuggling and Dave giving me little kisses on the cheek) We don't do this all the time and are pretty darn controlled but Dave has a 16 year old brother who can't stand it.

The story is: Dave asked his bro to get him a otter pop and even though he was getting one for himself, being as young as he is, he said "too bad, get your own". So Dave said he was going to kiss me until Adam got him one. He then started to peck my cheek rather exagerated and loudly. Well, as we knew, A* got all mad and said we were retarded etc. etc. which was the reaction we had expected. Then Dave's younger sister (who is 20 mind you), walked into the room and got a big attitude with us saying how rude it was and basically just going off. Mind you, she had just walked into the room and basically just decided to get in on it...

Anyway, this made me mad. I wanted to go home. This sister seems to be so self involved, totally unfriendly with me, moody and there is only so much I can take.

If I can't feel comfortable enough to joke around with my husband in such a innocent manner then I would rather spend my Sunday afternoons at home.

I walked out onto the side porch to watch the hummingbirds and calm down. I sat there for awhile.

The next thing I know, Dave's mom was coming out with tears in her eyes apologizing. I told her not to worry, I wasn't offended by the family, just bugged by H's* actions. I didn't feel that it warranted that kind of ranting. I mean, have some respect!

Dave's parents are so afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing, that I will hold a grudge or something...

I told his mom that she didn't ever need to worry about tip-toeing around me, that I don't take offense easily unless someone is outright insulting me and even then I am pretty darn quick to forgive and forget.

And assured her that I didn't blame her, I wasn't angry and asked her not to be upset about the whole thing... it wasn't a big deal.

We then went in to eat. Of course H* apologized to David and not me and acted like nothing had happened. That is fine, after this vent I won't even mention it again but I know that she is the kind that does hold grudges. It isn't like we would ever be best friends anyway.

It just bothers me that she is so inmature. I mean, we are still relatively newly weds, we aren't gross in our affection and we never cross the line.

Dave and I both agree that it must be a jealousy thing. She is pretty bitter due to a relationship gone sour as of late. Still no excuse for such babyish behavior.

Dave and I are about 10x worse with Katie and she could care less! Even though she gives us a hard time sometimes. My family would never complain about such a thing.

Good thing I have the family that I do. Otherwise, I think I would have pulled all my hair out by now!

And good thing H* will have moved out by the time we move into the apartment.

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