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Princess Bride? That is me, without the princess part.
2002-08-06 - 8:49 a.m.

Last night I made greasy breaded sweet and sour chicken balls and rice and brought it over to Daves parents house where Dave was working on the apartment. It is finally starting to come along. They measured for the cabinets and island tonight and worked on the electrical stuff. The plumber should be coming early next week (cross your fingers) and they are going to start insulating tonight.

We watched I am Sam. Mom W. thought it was too sad. She liked it but too sad. I just love that movie, I love the music, the cinematography, the acting, the storyline, everything.

We also had a really good talk about a lot of things while we were waiting for Dave and Dad W. to finish up.

Dave's mom thinks so highly of him... and of course almost everything she said about him was true... :)

I was talking about it with Dave that night as we were cuddling and he had to laugh and commented on how funny it is that some parents can only see good things in their children.

It was true though... Dave has such a huge heart. He is filled with so much love for his family, friends and me...

and he is so easy going, it takes quite a lot to make him upset for longer than 15 seconds.

Yet he is fun. His mom told me last night that when Dave told his mom I was the one and she asked him why, he said that he has more fun with me than anyone he had ever dated before... and that he just wanted to spend all his time with me.

It seems like a pretty "young" thing to say but when you think about it, it is so true. The people that you truly have the most REAL "fun" with are those who you get along with, who make you be a better person and feel good about yourself. And of course someone you can laugh with... that is so important.

I look at some of my other married friends and it seems as though they cherish their lone time... can't wait to get some freedom sometimes. With Dave and I, it is so much the opposite. We love spending time together... every minute spent apart we are aware that the other is missing, and that the time spent is just not as "quality". We have private jokes, certain looks that we share that only we know what the other is thinking. We really are best friends. And best lovers.

As Dave and I were talking, I expressed to him that sometimes I just don't understand how he could love me as much as he does. I mean, I have SO many faults and I can be such a pain in the rear end sometimes. I told him "if I were you, I wouldn't love me..."

His response?

He turned on his side and faced me, grabbed me and held me and told me he loved me more than anything and that I was being weird.

I know some people reading this might think... "yeah right, well we just don't see all the skeletons in the closet"...

You know what? I've laid them out. I don't understand it myself most of the time but somehow, I am blessed with a near perfect love. I wish all of you could see it, I can't possibly describe the way he is, the way he looks at me or touches me, or all of the little things he says, but I wish I could show you

So there would be something that girls looking out there could measure with. So that they would no longer waste time on guys who don't treat them well, who don't: respect them, return their phone calls, open their door for them, compliment them, put themselves last...

I wish everyone had it. But I know that it is possible because heck, if I can find it

anyone can.

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