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Great Healthy Recipe!
2002-08-08 - 10:38 a.m.

Since today is boring and tomorrow is Vegas to see the hip, there really isn't much to write about.

So instead, I am going to share one of my nearest and dearest recipes.

My mom used to make "gorps" (I know, weird name) for us as kids for snacks during sesame street every once and awhile. We used to beg her for them all the time and I don't really know why she didn't make them more often seeing as they take about ten minutes and you don't have to bake them.

Anyway, they are super tasty (even though they may not look it) and extremely healthy. Full of fiber, folic acid, protein, calcium...etc. and not too high in fat.

Great for an energy boost or pre/post workouts.

So here you go! Keep in mind, they look really weird, seem really weird but my husband LOVES them, so do I and every kid in my family.

Mix following ingredients in same order as listed...

-1 cup of corn syrup (should be found with regular pancake syrups)

-1/2 cup of creamy peanut butter

-3/4 cup milk dry milk powder (usually found in baking isle, carnation makes a good one)

-1 cup quaker oats

-1/2 cup wheat germ (this can usually be found in the cereal isle, near oatmeals maybe? Ask your grocer. It is kind of like granola and I buy it in a little clear glass jar with a red label)

-1/2 cup of raisins

-1/2 cup of chocolate chips (optional- I don't add these because it is healthier that way and Dave and I actually prefer them without)

Chill a baking sheet in the freezer and while it is chilling,using your hands, roll the mixture into balls approx. 1.5 - 2 inches (you will later figure out what size you like the best) and place on baking sheet. Refridgerate until somewhat firm. Keep in the fridge at all times and just grab one whenever you want a great snack! Make sure that you cover them lightly with plastic wrap if you are going to keep them in the fridge for a couple days otherwise they will dry out and start to taste like everything else in your fridge.

*Note- Mixture may stick to hands when attempting to roll. I always combat this by rinsing my hands in cool water first, drying them slightly (just so they are not dripping with water) and rolling them with damp hands. You might have to do that a few times while rolling.

If any of you decide to make these, email me or leave a note in my guestbook and tell me what you think!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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