Gingerly Lizzy

The Tragically Hip get close and personal!
2002-08-12 - 10:08 a.m.

OH MY GOSH!!! My friends will never believe it but the concert? Vegas? Turned out to be, in short, amazing.

Lets just say that we were close enough to the stage that we could count Gord's(the lead singers) fillings and could even feel his spit misting over us as he wailed into the microphone. I know you are all jealous now!

We left around 8am and arrived in Vegas around 1pm. Looked around, and it was hot and Hades and so it wasn't as much fun as we would have hoped. We went to dinner which took so long we didn't have time to go back to the hotel and change so we headed on over to House of Blues Straightaway.

Our feet were already killing us by the time we got there, but who cares! We were going to see the Hip!

Got the tickets no problem and realized they were not the seats I got originally but I guess what I got is what I got due to the fact that they cancelled my other tickets are reserved new ones. It really seemed to suck because we were in section 300 and with a number that high, it couldn't be good.

We met some friendly Canadians outside and it made me miss home. Half of them had shirts and flags and I was glad to be among my fellow Canucks. Canadians are the most darn friendly people in the world. Even if they do have mouths like sailors and drink like fish.

We had made 10 friends within the first ten minutes.

There were some pretty rowdy ones in line and the security guards were lining up, nervous that the "Crazy Canadians" were getting out of hand with all there chanting of "Hip, Hip, Hip" or "Canada Rocks!" at the top of their lungs.

All the Americans probably thought it was the apocalypse.

When we finally got in, I almost died. They weren't even checking tickets on the ground floor level so we got RIGHT next to the stage. I mean, we could have touched the band if we wanted to. It was crazy. Katie and I kept looking at each other like "NO WAYYYY" and I know we had looks on our faces closely resembling kids at Christmas time.

Dave and H* still didn't really have a clue as to what all the fuss is about.

The place was a LOT smaller than I thought to begin with. There really was no such thing as bad seats. And the best part is, it was a really small stage and so they were all right up front, you couldn't have had a conversation with them and he looked directly at us several times.

The opening band WAYNE( pretty darn good and I will be looking for their CD pretty soon. But nothing, no, nothing beats The Hip and after an excrutiating wait, they finally graced us with their presence on stage.

The show was incredible. Gord is an amazing preformer and puts his whole heart and soul into every number.

All the other people near the front of the stage kept looking back at us with these dreamy looks on their faces like they couldn't believe their good luck. It was all so surreal.

You have to understand, that any Hip concert in or closely located to Canada, sells out in about two hours. So unless you camp out all night or have darn good connections, chances are, you are going to be stuck in the nosebleed sections in the back. Half of the oncerts are like WOODSTOCK. I am not kidding here.

So did I get my money's worth? I think so. And was it worth the drive and the swollen feet? You are darn right.

This is going down in the books and whenever I am on Canadian soil, I will be able to brag like it was nobodies business.

Katie - you owe me bigtime for this one!

I think Dave and H* realized just how crazy Canadians can get. I almost got moshed on and had so much beer spilled on my feet, my shoes permanently smell like a brewery. There were flags being waved and I will be darned if every person there didn't know every word to every song and sing it at the top of their lungs.

This one guy in a Canadian jersey was hitting on Katie in the most not so subtle manner. He only happened to be the most obnoxious guy there and I almost peed my pants laughing.

Even though we could barely walk enough to hail a cab afterwards, we were elated. I think perhaps Dave and H* were just confused but I'm sure it was an interesting night.

Vegas got boring quick and so we left kind of early the next morning and got back here around 6pm. Dave and I slept wayyy too much the rest of Saturday and Sunday and so felt eternally tired for the remainder of the weekend.

All I can do is thank the ticketmaster customer service people (ONLINE, not the phone jerks) for making my birthday present one of the best EVER!

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