Gingerly Lizzy

2002-08-21 - 8:39 a.m.

It turns out that the dresser that J had loaned us is now being returned to it's owner. He is moving out and needs it for his own.

So tonight, we are on a quest. A quest to find a decent dresser at a decent price. Maybe even get new couches while we are at it. Mind you, all this will have to be done with some sort of payment plan, seeing as how there is NO WAY we have that kind of money right now.

Yeesh, I HATE being in debt. Of ANY kind. I mean, I know compared to most married couples our age, we have a lot, lot less. But still, even that little bit hangs over my head. I don't know how I am going to deal with getting a new car this year... or buying a house at some point in the future... way, way into the future.

Not to mention the incredible loans we are going to have to take out to get David through Dental school.

Makes me just want to dig a hole and bury my head in the sand for about 8 years.

I know debt is BAD, BAD, BAD... that comes at me from every angle. But, I guess I am starting to accept that it isn't something that we can truly avoid at this point in our lives. We need it to get where we have to go. Mind you, I understand there are still plenty of ways to be smart about it. I am NOT about to just throw my money to the wind.

We watched "Stand by Me" last night. Dave absolutely loves the movie and I must admit, I am fond of it too. He giggled like a little boy at everything that I didn't think was funny.

I can't wait to have boys that age one day... so full of energy, promise, unbound youth.

We also got into a nice big fight which was entirely my fault. I said terrible, terrible things. We made up before sleeping though. And kissed and hugged each other goobye before leaving the house this morning... of course with the words "I love you" uttered with complete integrity.

I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes. I wouldn't put up with me.

But I am glad he does.

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