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2002-08-22 - 10:08 a.m.

Well, we found a dresser for $399 that we really liked at RC Willey. We pick it up today. We are on a payment plan so that we will have it paid off in 90 days.

We also found our couches and were able to talk the sales guy into giving them to us for a BIG, BIG BARGAIN! $1058.00 for a sofa and love seat. And we are talking nice, nice, nice here. They are a lighter tan color, very thick durable material (kind of like a cordoroy with a cross hatch) and nice big rounded arm rests (which I love) and the bottom is even studded. We love them.

We are going to apply for them today and they will be delivered in 6-8 weeks. Just enough time for us to get into the new apartment.

I can't wait! They will make our living roomm so much more inviting. A nice change from the sad little sofa that we have right now.

I watched big brother last night. I was Kiara out of that darn house. She gets on my nerves. Funny how addicting those reality tv shows can be... I mean, I found myself getting all excited over survivor Tailand yesterday.

Weird. Dave got me into this whole TV thing!

The boss is coming back into the office this afternoon. I finally get a lunch hour... YEY!

Fall seems to bring so much more activity for Dave and I and it is a much welcomed change. David started school yesterday... he will be a busy busy boy and I think his biology class is going to kick his butt. This class is really supposed to help in preparing him for the DATS.

I am going to start fall cleaning next week. And go through and organize EVERYTHING so that when it comes time to move, it can be done quickly and easily. Moving... blegh. I feel Twiggle's pain. And I am only moving 15 minutes away in the same state.

I had some disturbing dreams last night. Dreamt of a tornado, a ferris wheel breaking and a angry, hungry lion and tiger breaking out of their cages in the zoo and almost crushing me to death in our car. Not to mention the Over.....'s were in every single dream. I am missing them a lot. If you don't know what I am talking about you can go HERE and refresh your memory.


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