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2002-08-26 - 8:51 a.m.

Pretty uneventful weekend. Went and saw the second Star Wars movie on Friday night. Trying recoup from my near nervous breakdown. Dave is so cute. He brought three beautiful roses home for me... to make me feel better.

I know, I know... I am so lucky.

But I have a really funny story about how Friday was my most clumbsy, unlucky day ever.

So I get home from work, just feeling like a piece of poo-poo and wanting to crawl into bed and never come out. But I don't. I decide to make taco's for my darling husband because he brought me flowers and they are his favorite. So I brown the meat, cut up all the tomatoes and start draining the meat in the sink. The easiest way I have found to do this, to ensure that I don't lose half the meat down the garbage disposal, is to take a plate cover the pan and let the grease drip through the crack I leave in the bottom.

Well, My hand had a spasm and I ended up losing 3/4 of the beef in the sink.

This nearly brought me to tears and I debated just picking it all out of the sink and cooking it to remove all the gross germs it just picked up... but even I couldn't stoop to that level.

So I asked Dave if spaghetti with meatsauce would cut it for the night. He laughed... said sure.

So I get started... and finally done with a little time to spare to get ready for the movie. I get a big, heaping plate full of spaghetti ready for Dave and tell him to come and get it. Well...

You know how fickle spaghetti can be sometimes, about staying on the plate when it is still a little wet and LADEN WITH STAINING SPAGHETTI SAUCE????

This plate was extra fickle and decided to launch itself (NO, I had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!) all over the kitchen floor and my cute kitchen mat/rug, and since the fridge was open (Dave was getting a drink), it sent nice little spaghetti spatters ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF MY FRIDGE, EVERYWHERE.

That did it. I threw the plate in the sink and ran and locked myself in the bathroom while I sobbed hysterically and messed up all my makeup.

I could hear Dave laughing his head off in the background at the irony of it all. I couldn't blame him... I mean just picture it.

I calmed down after about 20 minutes, long enough to come out of the bathroom. Dave (the sweetie) had cleaned up my mess, and although he didn't see the mess in the fridge, and the floor was a little greasy (what did he use? Cooking oil?) I stopped feeling sorry for myself long enough to realize what an amazing husband I had. We each had a really, really, itsy, bitsy plate of spaghetti and went to see our movie.

Yeah, I know. I am pathetic.


Saturday we went to his house to do a little basking in the sun and swimming. There dog is starting to get really annoying. Dave's brother got a chocolate lab puppy a couple months ago. She is just SO hyper all the time and whenever you get in the pool she will jump in after you and try to drown you... or at least scratch the heck out of you... and she carried around rotten apples from the apple trees and likes to rub them all over you. And of course, when she is sopping wet and you are not, she has to be standing right next to you when she shakes all the water off... she will follow you around despite how many james bond manoevers you pull to try and avoid this...

So yeah, she is getting annoying. And everyone wants to get rid of her except for Adam. And it isn't like he spends all that much time with her anyway. She is just too big to be so hyper, and she is only going to get bigger.

After swimming, Dave and I went grocery shopping where we bought a whole lot of junk like apple turnovers, nerd ropes, creme savers pudding cups and fun stuff like that.

And then we came home where I cleaned out the fridge and mopped the floor and successfully (without any monumental spills) made tacos.


Sunday was great, and homey and peaceful and refreshing.

And I got to talk to Twiggle on the phone who was in town... I didn't know it was THIS weekend!

We would have got to meet and visit but by the time we got her message, it was pretty late and visiting hours were pretty much over.

She sounded just as lovely in person as she does through her diary and email.

Hopefully we will get to meet and hang out and really get to know each other soon.


I love my sister Katie! *sigh*...


Well, back at work on a Monday. I am going to try to get through the rest of this week with a positive attitude regarding this job. No more crying fits.

Easier said than done.

Dizzy Lizzy

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