Gingerly Lizzy

2002-08-27 - 8:32 a.m.

I hate Dave's boss. Why can't he EVER EVER get them their checks on time... grrrr. It isn't as if we have bills to pay or anything.

Last night was spent doing laundry, helping my sister in law sew pillow's to go with her new bedding for her new room, sitting by the edge of the freezing cold pool debating whether or not to go in, and stomping on the floor trying to get my darn neighbours to turn down the Shania Twain at 11 o'clock at night.

I finally got my Martha Stewart Living Magazine in the mail. I subscribed almost three months ago and just got the first issue. And YES, I am one of THOSE girls. I am sorry, but there are just too many good home decorating, organizing, and cooking tips to pass up.

If you haven't ever bought one yet, and you are somewhat domesticated, you are seriously missing out.

You know what I hate waking up to? The sound of that freaking loud garbage truck, trucking away our garbage at seven in the morning. That is the problem with living in an apartment like this. The garbage truck sounds like its noise is blaring through a MEGAPHONE. It will be nice to move into the new apartment and not even hear it from our basement abode.

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