Gingerly Lizzy

pas de what???
2002-08-29 - 8:53 a.m.

Well, yesterday's spazz is over. For now.

I had a dream this morning that a big, black labrador was biting the back of my thigh... I woke up to Dave gently squeezing the back of my thigh...

kinda funny.

I have decided I am going to take a continuing education intermediate ballet class. It is probably going to be below my level but it will be nice to do bar excersizes again. If I am not pregnant by January, I am going to take a full-on ballet class during the winter semester.

That will help out a lot with the disappointment... I enjoy it so much. It is going to be some kind of chore to regain all the flexibility I have lost. I better start stretching again at night or else I will be lucky if I can get my leg over the bar.

Dave is going to a football game tonight with his little sister. That leaves me home alone until about 9:30 tonight. A perfect chance for me to rent an old movie (Dave HATES old movies) and chill for awhile. Humph... like I don't do that almost every night!

I need some activity in my life here...

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