Gingerly Lizzy

The Right Kind of Music.
2002-08-30 - 8:44 a.m.

Listening to Coldplay while driving through a dark highlighted with sparks of light here and there... and the buzzing of red and white, brake and headlights. Dreaming of NYC, and this bringing me as close as I can almost get, while so far away.

Here I am in my element. My mind is free and clear, enjoying the feeling of just existing. Worries vanish out the window like the exiting wind that drives through my hair and leaves it a tangle of exhilaration.

Bright headlights in my rearview mirror. While they should annoy me... they feel more like a spotlight while I am on stage giving the greatest performance of my life.

I feel alive. I feel independent. I feel energetic. I hear music in my head, a soundtrack to my motions and everything comes together and makes me smile, sometimes maybe even laugh.

And singing at the top of my lungs, not caring at the passerby who might catch the blaring, unabashed boldness in a note or two.

All the roads are my stage and I never do matinees.

This is how I felt while driving home from Katie's last night after watching the Video Music Awards on MTV and being highly disappointed that Eminem came away with three, and so many REAL artists were left behind... so THIS is where the music industry is headed.

Fake plastic titles, artists who don't even dress themselves let alone write their own music.

Oh well... money drives everything nowadays. Too bad.

Today is Friday and we better have a lack of clients in the office this afternoon. The boss has said that if this is the case, we will be able to leave early for a nicer, longer weekend.

What will I do if allowed this bit of hiatus? Most likely go home and try to get some sleep. The past three nights I have felt inklings of my insomnia returning and I am hoping it is my high-stress levels right now that are causing me to toss and turn and dream about eating entire bags of chocolate bars and getting caught by someone not-to-happy-about-it.

Katie's birthday is on Monday... My little sister will be 22. Where did the little part go?

I am all set for ballet and guitar. Now I just have to steal my in-laws guitar, and dig my leotards and shoes out of the back of the closet somewhere...

Perhaps Dave and I will steal the truck this weekend and sleep out under the stars and do loverly things somewhere up in the canyon.

mmmmm. I hope so.

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