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Monopoly rages on!
2002-09-03 - 9:05 a.m.

Remember THIS entry? And the one right after it???

Well, the battle of Monopoly rages on.

I think Dave and I played it like ten times this weekend. I don't know what started it, but all I know is that David must have sold his soul to the parker brothers themselves. He did not lose one single game.

He won only in the way that people who sell there souls to the Monopoly devil can. He rolled doubles CONSTANTLY. He landed on free parking and got all the money in the middle EVERY TIME AROUND THE BOARD. No matter how many more properties I had than him, he always managed to miss my hotel laden properties while I hit on his EVERY SINGLE TIME AROUND.

I think I threw the board across the room about five out of those ten times.

All of which he found hilarious. I think at one point I was even reduced to tears... If I admit it.

Monopoly is a game of LIFE for me. If I can't win it, I can't win in life... simples as that.

Okay, maybe I exagerate just a tad. Still, just a tad.

But darn it, David has some kind of luck.

I think we need to take that luck to Vegas baby!

If I gambled that is...

The weekend was nice, and long. Didn't do too much that was all that special - besides our Monopoly Wars that is. Friday we saw a pretty good movie, Saturday Dave worked on the apartment with his Dad. Sunday was church and dinner with his family. Monday, more work on the apartment and then we took Katie out for dinner for HER BIRTHDAY!

Yup, my little sister is 22 now.

I remember when 22 seemed old to me... back when I was 17.


And I think there is something wrong with me. I am scared to go to the doctors to find out what. I learned that sometimes that leads to big ol surgeries... which I don't enjoy.

But Sunday night, I had a major pain in my left lower abdominal...

"In the same region as you did before your last surgery Liz?"

"yes, thankyou for asking".

It kept me up ALL night. I wasn't able to sleep until the morning when it subsided enough.

It isn't exactly the same kind of pain... it is a little closer to the surface... and a little sharper and definetely harder the bear.

I think I will wait and if it comes again, I will schedule an appointment.

What happened to my 17 year old body that never had problems anyways?

OH right, she was left back there in that ballet class.

Darn it.

OH... almost forgot... EVERYONE GO HERE and wish Mel a happy happy birthday... (even though it was on the 31st!)

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