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Love in a Big City
2002-09-06 - 8:37 a.m.

I am absolutely addicted to the new Coldplay CD. Very tangible music that stirs your emotions... if you haven't yet heard it, I suggest you do.

If you like that sort of music.

Dave and I have a wedding to go to today so I will be leaving work around 12pm... YEY! It is that of a close family friend on Dave's side and should be a lot of fun. I am sure the misty rain will add some ambiance as it is in a backyard, under some large tents...

Dave had a test to study for last night, but when I was going to bed, he came with for awhile ;) and then we talked face to face, in shadows, about the first time we laid eyes on each other, our first date, our feelings as I left...

I don't know if I have ever written about these happenings in my diary before, so let me catch you up a bit.

Dave and I first met at a mutual friends house. I came over to visit, and there was Dave and his friend Ben. I sat on the couch opposite Dave, and noticed him right away.

The first things I noticed about him where his high cheekbones, his beautiful mouth and eyes and his broad shoulders. You could tell he was tall, even while sitting. I remember thinking that "wow, this guy could be a model"... and that was that. I assumed he was out of my league (he doesn't believe me when I say that to this day!) and that he was probably a bigtime player, he was before he met me!

His friend Ben was sitting beside me on the couch, drilling me with 20 questions. I found Ben to be friendly but not my type, I sure think that at the time, he thought I was his...

We talked about me going to NYC in a couple months, Canada, mutual friends and then I headed to the backyard to talk with some friends.

Plus, there was a guy from down the street who I was sort of seeing at the time, hanging out in the backyard, I had to go make my appearance.

Dave soon came outside with his friends and talked to some other people, I think we made eye contact once, nothing that I really remember though.

Dave tells me that Mike (the guy I liked at the time) was walking up the stairs that night and Dave thought he was Ben and smacked his butt as a joke... when Mike turned around, Dave was pretty embarrassed and apologized, I think that is pretty funny... and a little ironic, No?

Well, I guess Dave thought I was "hot" and eventually got my number from our mutual friend and decided to call me for a date.

When I got the call, about a week later, I didn't know who it was. I thought it was one of my jerky-x's friends playing a joke on me, and so I was very rude (in the Canadian way... sarcasm) and then I realized who it was... DOH!

Dave remembers that he didn't think I was being rude (guess he didn't pick up on it!) and so he was confused when I apologized profusely.

Well, our first date we went to shoot clay pigeons. No, not real birds, little clay disks. I had NEVER, EVER shot a gun before, I am kind of anti-gun, actually, and so I felt like the biggest hick in the world...

But it was a lot of fun, and I couldn't believe that this hot, funny, charming guy was interested in me. We went to a barbeque afterwards, and talked for a couple hours and I started to re-think pursuing Mike.

I was scheduled to leave for NY in a month and a half by this point. Dave and I went on many dates, I basically stopped dating Mike altogether... there was definitely a lot of chemistry between Dave and I. Our favorite thing to do was to drive up to deer creek and sit on the docks in blankets and talk and kiss and listen to the water and watch the silouhettes of the mountains silently fold the lake almost as if they were wrapping their arms around it and hugging it...

Then came time for me to leave. I really liked Dave but was so excited for this new adventure that I was anxious to go. Besides, all this time I had been thinking that Dave and I were completely non-committal and totally casual and once I left, we would go our seperate ways.

We had an amazing last night together on the docks. He bought me a silver bracelet as an early birthday present, we had dinner at an extremely expensive restaurant that was very romantic and kissed each other on the doorstep goodbye.

I left. I expected not to miss him as much as I did. He wrote me the sweetest letters, and sent me shoeboxes full of goodies. For my birthday, he had wanted to do something different and special so with some help from his sisters, he MADE me a beautiful, soft blanket/quilt to keep me warm and gave me a snowglobe that played music.

I was in awe! I couldn't believe this guy was putting so much effort forth when I would be gone for a year... or longer!

We made plans and he flew out and spent a weekend with me in NYC, in the fall, myfavorite season. We saw some broadway shows, shopped and ate and truly... fell deeply in love... in New York City. One of the best places there is to fall in love. We rode the Statton Island Ferry out and back to see the statue of liberty and held each other the entire time. We almost got mugged in Queens, we got in a fight because I got mad that he thought I was checking out a model who was laying in a bed in the roots store in Soho. Then we made up. I remember most of all, riding the subway into queens, it was night, and the subway was busy so we were standing, holding onto the same bar... so close and he was so tall next to me, and I felt in love, overwhelmed, happy and protected and I realized that this was much more serious than I originally thought.

Among tears, he left. We called each other twice a week, sometimes more... spent hours talking, half my paychecks seemed to go to the phone bills. In November, on his birthday, he told me he didn't want to date anyone else, and wanted to know it we could be exclusive. I knew it would be hard, but I loved him by this point, I had fallen hard.

He spent a glorious week with me in Canada during Christmas in met my family.

We fought now and then, it was hard and frustrating. He wanted me to leave early but I had committed a year to my job and once I commit, I stick. I told him no, if he loved me, he would wait. Wait he did.

I flew out to Utah again in March and he taught be how to snowboard... or I should say his sister did. We set up two of our best friends (who later married!) and started talking about the possibility of marriage. At this point, it was all so surreal to me. I thought once I returned, that would be it, we would tire of each other and things would fall apart. I told myself it was the chase that interested him... and I had sure given a good chase.

But, I was wrong. Thank heavens I was wrong.

I arrived back in Utah after my long, stressful drive, opened the door and knew I wanted to marry this man as I threw my arms around him and hugged him and realized that we were together again.

Almost a month later... he proposed.

And now we live happily ever after.

I still can't believe that he thought/thinks I am hot!

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