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Right on Target
2002-10-03 - 2:12 p.m.

Today I purchased a beautiful red fall coat from Target for a great price and it looks smashing. I know it isn't quite practical but for some reason, these past couple weeks, I have been in an entirely RED mood. I have bought red shoes, a red purse, now a red coat and am dying for a red satin sheet set for some reason.

Just call it red syndrome.

I also drove all around town on my lunch hour looking for a pair of HELLISH pink tights for my ballet class tonight. The pair I have has a horrible run in them and blast the teacher for wanting us in PINK tights in the first place. There is nothing more humiliating. I thought in the 21st century we would somehow come out of that age old tradition and advance to something better like flesh colored or black ... but PINK?


Anyone ever seen the movie The Wiz, the black parody of the Wizard of Oz starring Michael Jackson as the scarecrow and Diana Ross as Dorothy? That movie always freaked me out when I was little but for some reason, i watched it every year when it came on TV (I think the reason for that is I grew up about five minutes from Detroit, MOTOWN)

Well, anyway, all this talk reminds me of that one see in the emerald city, where they can't decide if they want the city emrald or gold or red... "I wouldnt' be caught dead in anything but red"...

Yeah, I know, I make no sense whatsoever.

Fall is an exciting time don't you think? And target? Well that is the KING of all those kinds of stores... cheap and cool, cheap and cool...

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