Gingerly Lizzy

Dreams and French Doors
2002-10-09 - 8:25 a.m.

Here is me and my honey, this was one of our possible engagement photos but since David didn't bother smiling we didn't use it, but I still love it. Because I think he looks hot... doesn't he look hot?

Last night I had a dream that Dave and I had flown home to Canada. He left the house shortly after we got there, and he was gone so long and I found that his luggage was gone with him so I realized he had left me. I tried calling his cell phone but a Japanese woman answered it and said he had given it to her... I tried talking to his friends but they would just laugh at me and wouldn't tell me anything. I even saw his sister and she was just pointing and laughing and I knew that he had left me for good. All these boys I knew kept coming up to me and saying they were glad I was single again and now we could date, but it was no consolation and I just kept crying... and woke up crying, relieved to find my David sleeping beside me... so he snuggled me and promised me in a half sleepy voice that he would never do that to me.

I really, really hope not. Because that would suck. Bigtime.

And so last night, me being somewhat scatterbrained, showed up for my guitar class a half hour late thinking it started at 7:30 when it actually started at 7... DUH. And then one of those little thingys that you turn to tune the guitar (on the end of the guitar) kind of crumbled in my hand when I was tuning the guitar (it is an old guitar) so needless to say, being the second string down, I didn't actually play the whole class because I would have been about one octave lower... So my night? Well, wasn't so good.

But got better when I got to the apartment to pick up David (did I tell you he got in a car accident and his car is in the shop?) and it was textured yesterday and looks really good and the french doors to the (nursery?) are up and the beautiful leaded glass is in the front door and we will be movine in, in three more weeks and I am so excited and that is why this sentence deserves to be a run on sentence of which the likes you have never read before.

Whoo! Breath!

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