Gingerly Lizzy

Two pink lines never meant so much
2002-10-11 - 1:28 p.m.


Well... I have suspected a little for the past week or so, I had a little spotting last weekend and thought it was Aunt Flo visiting me early again but I guess it is what you would call implantation spotting or something like that... when it turned out not to be Aunt Flo, I was a little curious since I had heard of that.

So yesterday, I was sick (struck down with the feverish aches and sore throat on Wednesday night) and stayed home and just had a feeling... and all day, as I tried to sleep I was having dreams upon dreams about babies. So as soon as Dave got home, we went to Kmart and got a box of early pregnancy tests. I was only one day away from being DUE for a visit, but I couldn't wait that long and knew I wouldn't sleep a wink if I tried to.

So anyway, as soon as I put the stick down on the sink counter, I noticed that two pink lines started to appear...

But, I went into the living room where Dave and I bit our nails, pretending to be interested in the evening news and waited for what seemed like three hours (literally 3 minutes) and then we nervously, cautiously approached the bathroom together and LOW AND BEHOLD...

TWO PINK LINES! One was a LOT fainter than the other, which the directions said would be normal, but there were definitely two there.

That night, there was NO WAY we were going to fall asleep... we actually got into bed, snuggled and stuff, and then decided we were both wayyy too wired to sleep so we ended up making a midnight visit to Sconecutters for some greasy goodness.

I think Dave is still in a bit of shock about all of it. I have heard that it doesn't really register with the man until they see the first ultrasound... and hear the heartbeat...but he sure seemed to be more "giggly" than usual, and as he cuddled around me when we finally started to sleep he told me he wanted to "cuddle with you and my baby" AWWWWWW!!!

That night, I had some pretty weird dreams, that I was lost in some huge casino because I was trying to find a place to do laundry ??? and these girls wouldn't hold the glass doors of the elevator open for me so I flipped one of them off and she came back wanting to fight but the elevator attendant wouldn't open the door to let her out. I was ready to fight but nervous because I knew I was pregnant and didn't want to hurt the baby? Mind you, this entire time, I was also walking around the casino in a towel, with a laundry basket at my hip...


And then my dreams consisted of me realizing that I really wasn't pregnant and blah, blah, blah...

So first thing in the morning, i got up, and did two more different tests and LO AND BEHOLD once again, it was confirmed. I am DEFINITELY pregnant.

And so, became totally excited again. I called my home and told my dad, who I think was kind of stunned and told no to OVEREXHURT (SP?) myself, my mom wasn't home...

But I talked to her this afternoon and she is really happy about it.

I swear, half of the fun of this is being able to tell your family members! Tonight, we are going to go over the Dave's and tell his parents...

and my crazy grandma, well, I am just sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to tell her, because we always play tricks on her (ever since we were little, telling her my mom was pregnant etc.) and she never believes me anymore!!! But I know she will cry, and if it is a girl... she will be her namesake.

There are just so many emotions running through me right now. It is almost impossible to grasp that there is another life growing inside of me at this very moment and it is a huge relief for me in a lot of ways too.

So you D-Landers? Well, you are some of the first to know... I figure I am not going to tell many friends or others until after the "danger period" is up, 3-4 months. I don't know how I will hold it in, I am HORRIBLE at keeping my own surprises and secrets. And I hope all of you will stick around, at least until the day when I hopefully will be able to put up some pictures of little "Chloe" or "Landon".



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