Gingerly Lizzy

The Simple Road
2002-10-18 - 8:56 a.m.

Does anyone else like that trip-hop/trance song on the new Mitsubishi commercial that shows that man going through the different stages of his life all while in his car? Well me too, and after a little detective work, I found out it is a song called "Breathe" by a group called Telepopmusic and the CD is now on its way to me.

And so last night I skipped out of my ballet class. My reasoning was that I was too tired, but really I think I was missing CSI. They are going to think I am not coming back after missing the last three classes. I can still blame it on Strep Throat so that is good.

I love it when Dave sends me funny, perverted emails from school while I am working. They always crack me up and put a big smile on my face.

And here I am sitting at my desk in my red jacket (because it is cold in here) and barely a smudge of makeup on my face, probably looking like I just crawled out of bed, but you know what? I could CARE LESS. That is right. Because it is FRIDAY. And no, I don't have any big, exciting plans for this weekend, other than a baby shower tomorrow afternoon (which I still haven't shopped for) but knowing that I get to sleep in, and take as many naps as possible, makes ever weekend special to me :)

Yesterday Katie took me to lunch at Kneaders where I filled my craving for a BLT. But I was good and got the healthier chicken noodle soup instead of cream of broccoli. If you don't have a Kneaders near you, well, then I pity you. The food is so good and so much better than fast food.

Katie and I had a great conversation and she looked hot so I was proud to be out with my fun, hot, sweet sister (remember Christmas isn't too far away Katie) Anyway, we get along so well now... I totally love it. In the restaurant, there was this adorable little girl with her grandpa and whenever they had to go get something (there was a vast array of oldies playing) he would do this funny little dancy walk over to the bathroom, over to get some napkins, and she would copy him, doing her version of the funny dancy walk and I swear it made my heart melt.

One day that will be my dad and my daughter, because my dad is like that... not afraid to do funny little dancy walks to make sure his grandkids will have fun, even when they are just taking a trip to the bathroom.

You know, life really doesn't have to be all that complicated. Sometimes, in a simple life, I think you find the greatest joys. OH, and don't forget to take my baby stuff, and baby names surveys please!!!


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