Gingerly Lizzy

Weekend Wonders
2002-10-21 - 8:53 a.m.

I've got Andy Stochansky in my head and HE WON'T GET OUT. Oh and by the way, the new Andy Stochansky CD ROCKS MY SOCKS so you might want to check it out.

Wow things are happening. This is the year of things happening. Friday Dave and I went to a local Chillean restaurant, the food was great and the family who owns it, very kind. We then met up with Katie and Tropic boy to watch Scooby Doo at the dollar movies. ALl in all, it was pretty stupid. I am coming to the realization that cartoons should NOT be made into movies.

Saturday Dave and I slept in and did some cuddling and then he was off to work on the apartment while I was off in search of some baby gear for the baby shower. I found this adorable blue and whitle striped infant cardigan with matching blue cords and a knit hat. I picked up an adorable bib in the same color family threw it in a gift bag and called it good. I can't wait to be able to shop for our OWN babies clothes. There were so many adorable things in Gap Kids... I think I am hoping for a boy though, because Dave really wants a boy and the boys stuff is wayyyy cuter!

The shower was fun. There were lots of babies there. Sky brought her little darling who is only five weeks old, and plunked her in my lap as soon as she got in the door. That baby girl was sooo teeny wheeny and adorable I was rethinking the whole "boy" thing. There was also a couple three and four year olds and a pair of newborn twins. CAN YOU IMAGINE? NEWBORN TWINS RIGHT OFF THE BAT??? Not me. This girl was about my age too! And she told me that identical twins can happen to anyone, it doesn't run in the family, only fraternal twins do. Is this true? If so, I really, really hope that i DON'T have twins. One is enough.

After the shower I went to check out the apartment and see my sister in law who was in town. Wow, it is really coming along and they are going to start painting this week. It looks amazing. I will have to take come pictures of it when it is done. It will be officially completed once the carpet goes in on Nov. 2nd so it looks like we will be living upstairs for a couple days. GRRRREAT. Nothing like having your in-laws down the hall to foster romance!

Saturday night Dave and I just hung out and enjoyed each others company since we don't get that very often anymore (UNTIL NOV. THAT IS!) He is getting a lot more psyched about the baby and it is fun to talk about it.

Right now, the baby is about one inch long. I have my first prenatal appointment scheduled for today but I am going to see about rescheduling to a little bit later. I guess they don't usually see you until you are 8-10 weeks along.

There is nothing more depressing then having to come back to this boring job today. I guess I am just going to have to start sucking it up and make the best of it. Especially considering I have 8 more months of it left.

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