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Baby wants Ketchup Chips.
2002-10-22 - 11:25 a.m.

Well, decided it was time for a new template. This one is sort of a spin-off of one I had awhile ago and one I made for Katie. You like?

I am realizing that I must have had one horrible cold on top of strep throat because the post nasal drip thing won't leave me alone and let me get a good nights sleep. Between that and Dave's snoring (he snores when he is on his back and lately he has been on his back ALOT), I think I clocked maybe four solid hours.

Not to mention I was having disturbing dreams about being pregnant and alone and well hated by parents everyhwere.

My dance class was AMAZING last night. This is the lyrical class, not ballet... ballet is NEVER amazing for me.

We have a recital coming up in December and the teacher had coreographed the entire dance. Unlucky for me, I had started the class halfway in and if there is one thing that I can't do, it is learn a dance halfway in...

So, last night, she scraped the other one and started a new one and I am now KICKING SOME MAJOR DANCE BUTT!

Dave took me on the way to the gym and since we ran a little later, he watched for awhile. On the way home he commented that I am good at it. He actually said "you are really good at something"... gee, thanks honey. I am good at ONE THING!

No, he corrected himself, I guess he just thought I would be worse than I am. hee hee...

Regardless, it was a nice confidence boost and I am starting to get my legs back. Too bad I will most likely have to stop in January. I do plan to keep up with it after the baby though, there is no doubt about that.

Tonight I have yet another guitar class, and do you think that I have picked up my guitar anytime in the last two weeks? Noooooo... this should be interesting.

I am going to bring some boxes home tonight and start packing up stuff we never use. I HATE packing and unpacking stuff and moving... it STINKS. And just think, I will probably get to do this at least five more times in the next six years.

Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Man, do I ever have a mean craving for ketchup chips right now!

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